Aeromagnetic surveys in Afghanistan: An updated website for distribution of data

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Description Gridded aeromagnetic anomaly data, along with aeromagnetic observations obtained during 2008.
Originators Shenwary, Ghulam Sakhi; Kohistany, Abdul Hakim; Hussain, Sardar; Ashan, Said; Mutty, Abdul Salam; Daud, Mohammad Ahmad; Wussow, Michael D.; Sweeney, Ronald E.; Phillips, Jeffrey D.; Lindsay, Charles R.; Kucks, Robert P.; Finn, Carol A.; Drenth, Benjamin J.; Anderson, Eric D.; Abraham, Jared D.; Liang, Robert T.; Jarvis, James L.; Gardner, Joan M.; Childers, Vicki A.; Ball, David C.; and Brozena, John M.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011-1055

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