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        Originator: Smith, David B.
        Originator: Solano, Federico
        Originator: Woodruff, Laurel G.
        Originator: Cannon, William F.
        Originator: Ellefsen, Karl J.
        Title: Geochemical and mineralogical maps, with interpretation, for soils of the conterminous United States
        Publication_Date: 2019
          Series_Name: Scientific Investigations Report
          Issue_Identification: 2017-5118
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        Between 2007 and 2013, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a low-density (1 site per 1,600 square kilometers, 4,857 sites) geochemical and mineralogical survey of soils in the conterminous United States. The sampling protocol for the national-scale surve
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        Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Common geographic areas
        Place_Keyword: fUS01 = Alabama
        Place_Keyword: fUS04 = Arizona
        Place_Keyword: fUS05 = Arkansas
        Place_Keyword: fUS06 = California
        Place_Keyword: fUS08 = Colorado
        Place_Keyword: fUS09 = Connecticut
        Place_Keyword: fUS10 = Delaware
        Place_Keyword: fUS12 = Florida
        Place_Keyword: fUS13 = Georgia
        Place_Keyword: fUS16 = Idaho
        Place_Keyword: fUS17 = Illinois
        Place_Keyword: fUS18 = Indiana
        Place_Keyword: fUS19 = Iowa
        Place_Keyword: fUS20 = Kansas
        Place_Keyword: fUS21 = Kentucky
        Place_Keyword: fUS22 = Louisiana
        Place_Keyword: fUS23 = Maine
        Place_Keyword: fUS24 = Maryland
        Place_Keyword: fUS25 = Massachusetts
        Place_Keyword: fUS26 = Michigan
        Place_Keyword: fUS27 = Minnesota
        Place_Keyword: fUS28 = Mississippi
        Place_Keyword: fUS29 = Missouri
        Place_Keyword: fUS30 = Montana
        Place_Keyword: fUS31 = Nebraska
        Place_Keyword: fUS32 = Nevada
        Place_Keyword: fUS33 = New Hampshire
        Place_Keyword: fUS34 = New Jersey
        Place_Keyword: fUS35 = New Mexico
        Place_Keyword: fUS36 = New York
        Place_Keyword: fUS37 = North Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS38 = North Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fUS39 = Ohio
        Place_Keyword: fUS40 = Oklahoma
        Place_Keyword: fUS41 = Oregon
        Place_Keyword: fUS42 = Pennsylvania
        Place_Keyword: fUS44 = Rhode Island
        Place_Keyword: fUS45 = South Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS46 = South Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fUS47 = Tennessee
        Place_Keyword: fUS48 = Texas
        Place_Keyword: fUS49 = Utah
        Place_Keyword: fUS50 = Vermont
        Place_Keyword: fUS51 = Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS53 = Washington
        Place_Keyword: fUS54 = West Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS55 = Wisconsin
        Place_Keyword: fUS56 = Wyoming
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
        Theme_Keyword: GeoTIFF
        Theme_Keyword: KML
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WFS
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WMS
        Theme_Keyword: Portable Document Format
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: USGS Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: aluminum
        Theme_Keyword: antimony
        Theme_Keyword: arsenic
        Theme_Keyword: atomic absorption analysis
        Theme_Keyword: atomic emission spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: barium
        Theme_Keyword: beryllium
        Theme_Keyword: bismuth
        Theme_Keyword: cadmium
        Theme_Keyword: calcium
        Theme_Keyword: carbon
        Theme_Keyword: cerium
        Theme_Keyword: cesium
        Theme_Keyword: chromium
        Theme_Keyword: cobalt
        Theme_Keyword: copper
        Theme_Keyword: gallium
        Theme_Keyword: geospatial datasets
        Theme_Keyword: indium
        Theme_Keyword: iron
        Theme_Keyword: lanthanum
        Theme_Keyword: lead
        Theme_Keyword: lithium
        Theme_Keyword: magnesium
        Theme_Keyword: manganese
        Theme_Keyword: mass spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: mercury
        Theme_Keyword: mineralogy
        Theme_Keyword: molybdenum
        Theme_Keyword: nickel
        Theme_Keyword: niobium
        Theme_Keyword: phosphorus
        Theme_Keyword: potassium
        Theme_Keyword: rubidium
        Theme_Keyword: scandium
        Theme_Keyword: selenium
        Theme_Keyword: silver
        Theme_Keyword: sodium
        Theme_Keyword: soil chemistry
        Theme_Keyword: strontium
        Theme_Keyword: sulfur
        Theme_Keyword: tellurium
        Theme_Keyword: thallium
        Theme_Keyword: thorium
        Theme_Keyword: tin
        Theme_Keyword: titanium
        Theme_Keyword: tungsten
        Theme_Keyword: unconsolidated deposits
        Theme_Keyword: uranium
        Theme_Keyword: vanadium
        Theme_Keyword: x-ray diffraction
        Theme_Keyword: yttrium
        Theme_Keyword: zinc
    Metadata_Date: 20190614
          Contact_Person: Schweitzer, Peter, N
          Contact_Organization: Eastern Mineral Resources Team
          Address_Type: mailing address
          Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 954
          City: Reston
          State_or_Province: VA
          Postal_Code: 20192
          Country: USA
        Contact_Voice_Telephone: 703-648-6533
    Metadata_Standard_Name: Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998