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        Originator: U.S. Geological Survey
        Title: Geochemical data generated by projects funded by the USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative
        Publication_Date: 2021
          Series_Name: data release
          Issue_Identification: 10.5066/P9WHRLXH
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        Includes all geochemical data generated by each project partnership funded through Earth MRI and will be updated periodically as additional geochemical data from these projects becomes available.
    Access_Constraints: none
    Use_Constraints: none
        Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Common geographic areas
        Place_Keyword: q38090NEC1 = Akin
        Place_Keyword: f54001 = Barbour
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWC2 = Batesville
        Place_Keyword: q41092NED2 = Berwick
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWB2 = Bethesda
        Place_Keyword: q65147 = Big Delta
        Place_Keyword: h07140106 = Big Muddy
        Place_Keyword: h05070204 = Big Sandy
        Place_Keyword: h19040402 = Birch-Beaver Creeks
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEB4 = Blandinsville
        Place_Keyword: q40078NWE3 = Blue Ridge Summit
        Place_Keyword: f54005 = Boone
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEF3 = Burna
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEE4 = Bushnell East
        Place_Keyword: f42019 = Butler
        Place_Keyword: f40019 = Carter
        Place_Keyword: q36116SWG2 = Castle Peaks
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEG1 = Cave in Rock
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWC2 = Cedarvale
        Place_Keyword: q39086SWC1 = Charlestown
        Place_Keyword: h05020004 = Cheat
        Place_Keyword: h19040506 = Chena River
        Place_Keyword: q66147 = Circle
        Place_Keyword: f18019 = Clark
        Place_Keyword: f42033 = Clearfield
        Place_Keyword: q42080SEE4 = Clearfield
        Place_Keyword: f42035 = Clinton
        Place_Keyword: h05050009 = Coal
        Place_Keyword: q38090NWF4 = Cobden
        Place_Keyword: q41080NEA3 = Commodore
        Place_Keyword: h05010007 = Conemaugh
        Place_Keyword: h05030105 = Connoquenessing
        Place_Keyword: h02070004 = Conococheague-Opequon
        Place_Keyword: q33106SWD4 = Cornudas Mountain
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWD2 = Corono North
        Place_Keyword: q36116SWG1 = Crescent Peak
        Place_Keyword: f21055 = Crittenden
        Place_Keyword: q41080NED1 = Curwensville
        Place_Keyword: q42080SEG3 = Devils Elbow
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEG3 = Dycusburg
        Place_Keyword: q65144 = Eagle
        Place_Keyword: h19040401 = Eagle to Circle
        Place_Keyword: h13050002 = Eastern Estancia
        Place_Keyword: q41082NED4 = East Liverpool South
        Place_Keyword: q38090NEE2 = Eldorado
        Place_Keyword: q39090NEF4 = Enterprise
        Place_Keyword: q65150 = Fairbanks
        Place_Keyword: f02090 = Fairbanks North Star
        Place_Keyword: q39084SEC3 = Fallsburg
        Place_Keyword: q42078SWD3 = Farrandsville
        Place_Keyword: h07080104 = Flint-Henderson
        Place_Keyword: h19040104 = Fortymile River
        Place_Keyword: q41092SEA1 = Fountain Green
        Place_Keyword: f17055 = Franklin
        Place_Keyword: f24021 = Frederick
        Place_Keyword: f17057 = Fulton
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEF1 = Galesburg East
        Place_Keyword: f17059 = Gallatin
        Place_Keyword: q37088SEE1 = Gallatin
        Place_Keyword: h13060006 = Gallo Arroyo
        Place_Keyword: q42094NEB1 = Gilman
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEE2 = Golconda
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEC4 = Good Hope
        Place_Keyword: q35108SEH2 = Gran Quivira
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWA1 = Guion
        Place_Keyword: f17067 = Hancock
        Place_Keyword: f54029 = Hancock
        Place_Keyword: f17069 = Hardin
        Place_Keyword: q40078SWC2 = Harpers Ferry
        Place_Keyword: q38090NED3 = Harrisburg
        Place_Keyword: h19040503 = Healy Lake
        Place_Keyword: q38090NEE4 = Herod
        Place_Keyword: h05140202 = Highland-Pigeon
        Place_Keyword: q42078SWC3 = Howard NW
        Place_Keyword: f42061 = Huntingdon
        Place_Keyword: f05063 = Independence
        Place_Keyword: f42063 = Indiana
        Place_Keyword: q41080NWG4 = Indiana
        Place_Keyword: q36116SWF2 = Ivanpah
        Place_Keyword: h16060015 = Ivanpah-Pahrump Valleys
        Place_Keyword: f05065 = Izard
        Place_Keyword: q38090SWF1 = Jonesboro
        Place_Keyword: h13020210 = Jornada Del Muerto
        Place_Keyword: q38090NEF4 = Karbers Ridge
        Place_Keyword: q40078SWC1 = Keedysville
        Place_Keyword: q39088SWB2 = Keensburg
        Place_Keyword: q40080SWC1 = Kingwood
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEB2 = Kirkwood West
        Place_Keyword: f17095 = Knox
        Place_Keyword: h19040102 = Ladue River
        Place_Keyword: h11130210 = Lake Texoma
        Place_Keyword: h07130010 = La Moine
        Place_Keyword: f21127 = Lawrence
        Place_Keyword: q42080SEF4 = Lecontes Mills
        Place_Keyword: f35027 = Lincoln
        Place_Keyword: h05030203 = Little Kanawha
        Place_Keyword: h05120114 = Little Wabash
        Place_Keyword: q66150 = Livengood
        Place_Keyword: f21139 = Livingston
        Place_Keyword: q35108SEB4 = Loma de Las Canas
        Place_Keyword: q41092NEF3 = London Mills
        Place_Keyword: h05130205 = Lower Cumberland
        Place_Keyword: h05130201 = Lower Cumberland-Old Hickory Lake
        Place_Keyword: h02050304 = Lower Juniata
        Place_Keyword: h05140203 = Lower Ohio-Bay
        Place_Keyword: h19040511 = Lower Tanana River
        Place_Keyword: h05120113 = Lower Wabash
        Place_Keyword: q40082SWG4 = Macfarlan
        Place_Keyword: q41092SEC1 = Macomb
        Place_Keyword: q41080NEC1 = Mahaffey
        Place_Keyword: f19127 = Marshall
        Place_Keyword: f17109 = McDonough
        Place_Keyword: q41080NWF4 = Mcintyre
        Place_Keyword: q40090NWE2 = Mechanicsburg
        Place_Keyword: f17131 = Mercer
        Place_Keyword: h07080208 = Middle Iowa
        Place_Keyword: h02070008 = Middle Potomac-Catoctin
        Place_Keyword: h11130303 = Middle Washita
        Place_Keyword: h02050203 = Middle West Branch Susquehanna
        Place_Keyword: h11010004 = Middle White
        Place_Keyword: h02070009 = Monocacy
        Place_Keyword: f54061 = Monongalia
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWB1 = Mount Pleasant
        Place_Keyword: q64147 = Mt Hayes
        Place_Keyword: q39082SWA4 = Mud
        Place_Keyword: f40099 = Murray
        Place_Keyword: q40078NWD4 = Myersville
        Place_Keyword: h19040501 = Nabesna-Chisana Rivers
        Place_Keyword: q40080SWA3 = Nestorville
        Place_Keyword: q40080SWB1 = Newburg
        Place_Keyword: q42092SEE4 = North Henderson
        Place_Keyword: q40082NEH3 = Osage
        Place_Keyword: f35035 = Otero
        Place_Keyword: q35098SWG4 = Overbrook
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWB3 = Pajaro Canyon
        Place_Keyword: q34108NEG2 = Pink Peak
        Place_Keyword: q36116SWF3 = Pinto Valley
        Place_Keyword: h15030102 = Piute Wash
        Place_Keyword: f17151 = Pope
        Place_Keyword: q41082NEG1 = Portersville
        Place_Keyword: q42080SEH3 = Pottersdale
        Place_Keyword: f54077 = Preston
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWB2 = Progresso SE
        Place_Keyword: q37106NWD3 = Questa
        Place_Keyword: h19040404 = Ramparts
        Place_Keyword: h19040704 = Ramparts to Ruby
        Place_Keyword: q38090NEF2 = Ridgway
        Place_Keyword: h13020203 = Rio Grande-Albuquerque
        Place_Keyword: f54085 = Ritchie
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEF1 = Rosiclare
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWC3 = Rough Mountain
        Place_Keyword: h19040505 = Salcha River
        Place_Keyword: q38090SEG2 = Salem
        Place_Keyword: h05140204 = Saline
        Place_Keyword: f17165 = Saline
        Place_Keyword: h13050004 = Salt Basin
        Place_Keyword: q41080SEH3 = Saltillo
        Place_Keyword: f06071 = San Bernardino
        Place_Keyword: f17167 = Sangamon
        Place_Keyword: q35108SED3 = Sierra Larga North
        Place_Keyword: h05140101 = Silver-Little Kentucky
        Place_Keyword: h19040103 = Sixtymile River
        Place_Keyword: q38088NWB2 = Smith Mills
        Place_Keyword: q40078NWD3 = Smithsburg
        Place_Keyword: f35053 = Socorro
        Place_Keyword: f02240 = Southeast Fairbanks
        Place_Keyword: h18100100 = Southern Mojave
        Place_Keyword: q39086SWB1 = Speed
        Place_Keyword: h07130005 = Spoon
        Place_Keyword: q35098SWG2 = Springer
        Place_Keyword: f05137 = Stone
        Place_Keyword: f47165 = Sumner
        Place_Keyword: q64144 = Tanacross
        Place_Keyword: q66153 = Tanana
        Place_Keyword: h19040507 = Tanana Flats
        Place_Keyword: f35055 = Taos
        Place_Keyword: q35106SWC4 = Tecolote Peak
        Place_Keyword: q42080SEF3 = The Knobs
        Place_Keyword: h19040502 = Tok
        Place_Keyword: h19040509 = Tolovana River
        Place_Keyword: f35057 = Torrance
        Place_Keyword: h13050003 = Tularosa Valley
        Place_Keyword: q35098SWG1 = Turner Falls
        Place_Keyword: h05020001 = Tygart Valley
        Place_Keyword: f21225 = Union
        Place_Keyword: f17181 = Union
        Place_Keyword: h07140105 = Upper Mississippi-Cape Girardeau
        Place_Keyword: h05020003 = Upper Monongahela
        Place_Keyword: h05030101 = Upper Ohio
        Place_Keyword: h13020101 = Upper Rio Grande
        Place_Keyword: h07130006 = Upper Sangamon
        Place_Keyword: h02050201 = Upper West Branch Susquehanna
        Place_Keyword: q40080NWC4 = Valley Point
        Place_Keyword: f17185 = Wabash
        Place_Keyword: f17187 = Warren
        Place_Keyword: f24043 = Washington
        Place_Keyword: f17191 = Wayne
        Place_Keyword: q41082NEC4 = Wellsville
        Place_Keyword: h13050001 = Western Estancia
        Place_Keyword: q34106NWC2 = White Oaks North
        Place_Keyword: q34108NEF1 = Wrye Peak
        Place_Keyword: h19040403 = Yukon Flats
        Place_Keyword: f02290 = Yukon-Koyukuk
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
        Theme_Keyword: comma-delimited text
        Theme_Keyword: Microsoft Access format
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: USGS Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: aluminum
        Theme_Keyword: antimony
        Theme_Keyword: arsenic
        Theme_Keyword: atomic emission spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: barium
        Theme_Keyword: beryllium
        Theme_Keyword: bismuth
        Theme_Keyword: boron
        Theme_Keyword: cadmium
        Theme_Keyword: calcium
        Theme_Keyword: cerium
        Theme_Keyword: cesium
        Theme_Keyword: chromium
        Theme_Keyword: cobalt
        Theme_Keyword: copper
        Theme_Keyword: dysprosium
        Theme_Keyword: erbium
        Theme_Keyword: europium
        Theme_Keyword: gadolinium
        Theme_Keyword: gallium
        Theme_Keyword: geochemistry
        Theme_Keyword: germanium
        Theme_Keyword: hafnium
        Theme_Keyword: holmium
        Theme_Keyword: igneous rocks
        Theme_Keyword: indium
        Theme_Keyword: iron
        Theme_Keyword: lanthanum
        Theme_Keyword: lead
        Theme_Keyword: lithium
        Theme_Keyword: lutetium
        Theme_Keyword: magnesium
        Theme_Keyword: manganese
        Theme_Keyword: mass spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: metamorphic rocks
        Theme_Keyword: molybdenum
        Theme_Keyword: neodymium
        Theme_Keyword: nickel
        Theme_Keyword: niobium
        Theme_Keyword: partnerships
        Theme_Keyword: phosphorus
        Theme_Keyword: potassium
        Theme_Keyword: praseodymium
        Theme_Keyword: rhenium
        Theme_Keyword: rubidium
        Theme_Keyword: samarium
        Theme_Keyword: scandium
        Theme_Keyword: sedimentary rocks
        Theme_Keyword: selenium
        Theme_Keyword: silicon
        Theme_Keyword: silver
        Theme_Keyword: soil chemistry
        Theme_Keyword: strontium
        Theme_Keyword: sulfur
        Theme_Keyword: tantalum
        Theme_Keyword: tellurium
        Theme_Keyword: terbium
        Theme_Keyword: thallium
        Theme_Keyword: thorium
        Theme_Keyword: thulium
        Theme_Keyword: tin
        Theme_Keyword: titanium
        Theme_Keyword: tungsten
        Theme_Keyword: unconsolidated deposits
        Theme_Keyword: uranium
        Theme_Keyword: vanadium
        Theme_Keyword: x-ray diffraction
        Theme_Keyword: ytterbium
        Theme_Keyword: yttrium
        Theme_Keyword: zinc
        Theme_Keyword: zirconium
    Metadata_Date: 20210329
          Contact_Person: Schweitzer, Peter, N
          Contact_Organization: Eastern Mineral Resources Team
          Address_Type: mailing address
          Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 954
          City: Reston
          State_or_Province: VA
          Postal_Code: 20192
          Country: USA
        Contact_Voice_Telephone: 703-648-6533
    Metadata_Standard_Name: Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998