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        Originator: McCafferty, Anne E.
        Originator: Brown, Philip J. II
        Title: Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over northwest Arkansas, 2019-2020
        Publication_Date: 2020
          Series_Name: data release
          Issue_Identification: 10.5066/P91O2Y8W
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        Digital flight line data for a high-resolution magnetic and radiometric survey over an area of northwest Arkansas.  Data files in CSV format, with GeoTiff as well.
    Access_Constraints: none
    Use_Constraints: none
        Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Common geographic areas
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWF2 = Alpena
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWG2 = Batavia
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWC2 = Batesville
        Place_Keyword: f05005 = Baxter
        Place_Keyword: h11010001 = Beaver Reservoir
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWH2 = Bergman
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWD2 = Berryville
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWB2 = Bethesda
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEE4 = Big Flat
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWE1 = Blue Eye
        Place_Keyword: f05009 = Boone
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWD2 = Boston
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEH4 = Boswell
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWE1 = Boxley
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEB3 = Bruno
        Place_Keyword: h11010005 = Buffalo
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEE3 = Buffalo City
        Place_Keyword: h11010003 = Bull Shoals Lake
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEG4 = Calico Rock
        Place_Keyword: f05015 = Carroll
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWB3 = Cass
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWD1 = Cave City
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWE2 = Charlotte
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWF2 = Cord
        Place_Keyword: q37094SED2 = Cotter
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEC2 = Cotter SW
        Place_Keyword: q37094SED4 = Cozahome
        Place_Keyword: h11110202 = Dardanelle Reservoir
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWG2 = Deer
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWF1 = Denver
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEA1 = Eula
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWC1 = Eureka Springs
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWD4 = Evening Shade
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEA3 = Everton
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWE2 = Fallsville
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEG1 = Fiftysix
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWG3 = Fort Douglas
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWC3 = Forum
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEF2 = Fox
        Place_Keyword: f05047 = Franklin
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWB3 = Franklin
        Place_Keyword: h11110201 = Frog-Mulberry
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWG3 = Gaither
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWD1 = Grandview
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWE1 = Grange
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWE2 = Green Forest
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWA1 = Guion
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWF4 = Hagarville
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWD4 = Harmony
        Place_Keyword: q36094NED1 = Harriet
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWH3 = Harrison
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWB4 = Hartwell
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWH4 = Hasty
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWB3 = Hindsville
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWC4 = Hunt
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWC4 = Huntsville
        Place_Keyword: f05063 = Independence
        Place_Keyword: f05065 = Izard
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWB1 = Japton
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWG4 = Jasper
        Place_Keyword: f05071 = Johnson
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWD4 = Kingston
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEE1 = Landis
        Place_Keyword: f05075 = Lawrence
        Place_Keyword: h11010014 = Little Red
        Place_Keyword: h11010009 = Lower Black
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWE4 = Ludwig
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWH2 = Lurton
        Place_Keyword: f05087 = Madison
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWD3 = Marble
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWA2 = Marcella
        Place_Keyword: f05089 = Marion
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEC1 = Marshall
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEC4 = Maumee
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWA4 = Melbourne
        Place_Keyword: h11010004 = Middle White
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEA2 = Moore
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEH2 = Mountain View
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEG2 = Mountain View SW
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWH1 = Mount Judea
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWB1 = Mount Pleasant
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWF1 = Murray
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWC3 = Myron
        Place_Keyword: f05101 = Newton
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEF3 = Norfork
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEG3 = Norfork Dam South
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEF4 = Norfork SE
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWD3 = Oark
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEF1 = Onia
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWE3 = Osage
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWF3 = Osage NE
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWE4 = Osage SW
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWA3 = Oxford
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEE2 = Oxley
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWE3 = Ozone
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWG1 = Parthenon
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWC2 = Pettigrew
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEH3 = Pineville
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWF4 = Ponca
        Place_Keyword: f05115 = Pope
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEB2 = Pyatt
        Place_Keyword: q37094SED3 = Rea Valley
        Place_Keyword: q37094SWC2 = Rockhouse
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWF3 = Rosetta
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEB4 = Saint Joe
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWB2 = Saint Paul
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWH3 = Sand Gap
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWC1 = Sandtown
        Place_Keyword: f05129 = Searcy
        Place_Keyword: f05135 = Sharp
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWC4 = Sidney
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWH4 = Simpson
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEB1 = Snowball
        Place_Keyword: f05137 = Stone
        Place_Keyword: h11010012 = Strawberry
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWF1 = Strawberry
        Place_Keyword: q36092NWD2 = Sulphur Rock
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWF2 = Swain
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEH1 = Sylamore
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWG4 = Treat
        Place_Keyword: f05141 = Van Buren
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWB4 = Watalula
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWD1 = Weathers
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEA4 = Western Grove
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWC1 = Witter
        Place_Keyword: q36094NEB2 = Witts Spring
        Place_Keyword: q36094NWC3 = Yale
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEC3 = Yellville
        Place_Keyword: q37094SEA2 = Zinc
        Place_Keyword: q37092SWB4 = Zion
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
        Theme_Keyword: comma-delimited text
        Theme_Keyword: GeoTIFF
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: USGS Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: aeromagnetic surveying
        Theme_Keyword: aeroradiometric surveying
        Theme_Keyword: geophysics
        Theme_Keyword: geospatial datasets
        Theme_Keyword: magnetic field (earth)
        Theme_Keyword: potassium
        Theme_Keyword: thorium
        Theme_Keyword: uranium
      Browse_Graphic_File_Description: 3-band image of the aeromagnetic data Total Magnetic Field with shading, legend at the bottom of the image., (1059 x 760 pixels)
      Browse_Graphic_File_Type: PNG
      Browse_Graphic_File_Description: Airborne gamma ray data, total counts (U, Th, K), with legend at the bottom of the image., (1067 x 746 pixels)
      Browse_Graphic_File_Type: PNG
    Metadata_Date: 20210916
          Contact_Person: Schweitzer, Peter, N
          Contact_Organization: Eastern Mineral Resources Team
          Address_Type: mailing address
          Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 954
          City: Reston
          State_or_Province: VA
          Postal_Code: 20192
          Country: USA
        Contact_Voice_Telephone: 703-648-6533
    Metadata_Standard_Name: Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998