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        Title: Mineral Resource Data System
        Publication_Date: 2011
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        MRDS describes metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources throughout the world.  Included are deposit name, location, commodity, deposit description, geologic characteristics, production, reserves, resources, and references.
        West_Bounding_Coordinate: -178.8167
        East_Bounding_Coordinate: 179.54917
        North_Bounding_Coordinate: 79.99927
        South_Bounding_Coordinate: -72.9988
    Access_Constraints: none
    Use_Constraints: none
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: mineral deposit areas
        Theme_Keyword: mine sites
        Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Common geographic areas
        Place_Keyword: fAF = Afghanistan
        Place_Keyword: fLD50 = Africa
        Place_Keyword: fUS01 = Alabama
        Place_Keyword: fUS02 = Alaska
        Place_Keyword: fAL = Albania
        Place_Keyword: fAG = Algeria
        Place_Keyword: fAO = Angola
        Place_Keyword: fAY = Antarctica
        Place_Keyword: fAC = Antigua and Barbuda
        Place_Keyword: fAR = Argentina
        Place_Keyword: fUS04 = Arizona
        Place_Keyword: fUS05 = Arkansas
        Place_Keyword: fAM = Armenia
        Place_Keyword: fLD70 = Asia
        Place_Keyword: fLD80 = Asia Minor and Middle East
        Place_Keyword: fAS = Australia
        Place_Keyword: fLD60 = Australia and New Zealand
        Place_Keyword: fAU = Austria
        Place_Keyword: fAJ = Azerbaijan
        Place_Keyword: fBF = Bahamas, the
        Place_Keyword: fBA = Bahrain
        Place_Keyword: fBG = Bangladesh
        Place_Keyword: fBB = Barbados
        Place_Keyword: fBO = Belarus
        Place_Keyword: fBE = Belgium
        Place_Keyword: fBH = Belize
        Place_Keyword: fBN = Benin
        Place_Keyword: fBL = Bolivia
        Place_Keyword: fBK = Bosnia and Herzegovina
        Place_Keyword: fBC = Botswana
        Place_Keyword: fBR = Brazil
        Place_Keyword: fVI = British Virgin Islands
        Place_Keyword: fBU = Bulgaria
        Place_Keyword: fUV = Burkina Faso
        Place_Keyword: fBM = Burma
        Place_Keyword: fBY = Burundi
        Place_Keyword: fUS06 = California
        Place_Keyword: fCB = Cambodia
        Place_Keyword: fCM = Cameroon
        Place_Keyword: fCA = Canada
        Place_Keyword: fCJ = Cayman Islands
        Place_Keyword: fLD20 = Central America
        Place_Keyword: fCI = Chile
        Place_Keyword: fCH = China
        Place_Keyword: fKT = Christmas Island
        Place_Keyword: fCO = Colombia
        Place_Keyword: fUS08 = Colorado
        Place_Keyword: fCF = Congo
        Place_Keyword: fCG = Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
        Place_Keyword: fUS09 = Connecticut
        Place_Keyword: fCS = Costa Rica
        Place_Keyword: fIV = Cote D'Ivoire
        Place_Keyword: fHR = Croatia
        Place_Keyword: fCU = Cuba
        Place_Keyword: fCY = Cyprus
        Place_Keyword: fEZ = Czech Republic
        Place_Keyword: fUS10 = Delaware
        Place_Keyword: fDA = Denmark
        Place_Keyword: fUS11 = District of Columbia
        Place_Keyword: fDO = Dominica
        Place_Keyword: fDR = Dominican Republic
        Place_Keyword: fEC = Ecuador
        Place_Keyword: fEG = Egypt
        Place_Keyword: fES = El Salvador
        Place_Keyword: fER = Eritrea
        Place_Keyword: fEN = Estonia
        Place_Keyword: fET = Ethiopia
        Place_Keyword: fLD40 = Europe
        Place_Keyword: fFJ = Fiji
        Place_Keyword: fFI = Finland
        Place_Keyword: fUS12 = Florida
        Place_Keyword: fFR = France
        Place_Keyword: fFG = French Guiana
        Place_Keyword: fGB = Gabon
        Place_Keyword: fGA = Gambia, The
        Place_Keyword: fGG = Georgia
        Place_Keyword: fUS13 = Georgia
        Place_Keyword: fGM = Germany
        Place_Keyword: fGH = Ghana
        Place_Keyword: fGR = Greece
        Place_Keyword: fGL = Greenland
        Place_Keyword: fGP = Guadeloupe
        Place_Keyword: fGT = Guatemala
        Place_Keyword: fGV = Guinea
        Place_Keyword: fGY = Guyana
        Place_Keyword: fHA = Haiti
        Place_Keyword: fUS15 = Hawaii
        Place_Keyword: fHO = Honduras
        Place_Keyword: fHU = Hungary
        Place_Keyword: fUS16 = Idaho
        Place_Keyword: fUS17 = Illinois
        Place_Keyword: fIN = India
        Place_Keyword: fUS18 = Indiana
        Place_Keyword: fID = Indonesia
        Place_Keyword: fUS19 = Iowa
        Place_Keyword: fIR = Iran
        Place_Keyword: fIZ = Iraq
        Place_Keyword: fEI = Ireland
        Place_Keyword: fIS = Israel
        Place_Keyword: fIT = Italy
        Place_Keyword: fJM = Jamaica
        Place_Keyword: fJA = Japan
        Place_Keyword: fJE = Jersey
        Place_Keyword: fJO = Jordan
        Place_Keyword: fUS20 = Kansas
        Place_Keyword: fKZ = Kazakhstan
        Place_Keyword: fUS21 = Kentucky
        Place_Keyword: fKE = Kenya
        Place_Keyword: fKN = Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
        Place_Keyword: fKS = Korea, Republic of
        Place_Keyword: fKG = Kyrgyzstan
        Place_Keyword: fLA = Laos
        Place_Keyword: fLE = Lebanon
        Place_Keyword: fLT = Lesotho
        Place_Keyword: fLI = Liberia
        Place_Keyword: fLY = Libya
        Place_Keyword: fLH = Lithuania
        Place_Keyword: fUS22 = Louisiana
        Place_Keyword: fLU = Luxembourg
        Place_Keyword: fMK = Macedonia
        Place_Keyword: fMA = Madagascar
        Place_Keyword: fUS23 = Maine
        Place_Keyword: fMI = Malawi
        Place_Keyword: fMY = Malaysia
        Place_Keyword: fML = Mali
        Place_Keyword: fMB = Martinique
        Place_Keyword: fUS24 = Maryland
        Place_Keyword: fUS25 = Massachusetts
        Place_Keyword: fMR = Mauritania
        Place_Keyword: fMX = Mexico
        Place_Keyword: fUS26 = Michigan
        Place_Keyword: fUS27 = Minnesota
        Place_Keyword: fUS28 = Mississippi
        Place_Keyword: fUS29 = Missouri
        Place_Keyword: fMG = Mongolia
        Place_Keyword: fUS30 = Montana
        Place_Keyword: fMH = Montserrat
        Place_Keyword: fMO = Morocco
        Place_Keyword: fMZ = Mozambique
        Place_Keyword: fWA = Namibia
        Place_Keyword: fNR = Nauru
        Place_Keyword: fUS31 = Nebraska
        Place_Keyword: fNP = Nepal
        Place_Keyword: fNL = Netherlands
        Place_Keyword: fNT = Netherlands Antilles
        Place_Keyword: fUS32 = Nevada
        Place_Keyword: fNC = New Caledonia
        Place_Keyword: fUS33 = New Hampshire
        Place_Keyword: fUS34 = New Jersey
        Place_Keyword: fUS35 = New Mexico
        Place_Keyword: fUS36 = New York
        Place_Keyword: fNZ = New Zealand
        Place_Keyword: fNU = Nicaragua
        Place_Keyword: fNG = Niger
        Place_Keyword: fNI = Nigeria
        Place_Keyword: fLD10 = North America
        Place_Keyword: fUS37 = North Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS38 = North Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fNO = Norway
        Place_Keyword: fUS39 = Ohio
        Place_Keyword: fUS40 = Oklahoma
        Place_Keyword: fMU = Oman
        Place_Keyword: fUS41 = Oregon
        Place_Keyword: fPK = Pakistan
        Place_Keyword: fPM = Panama
        Place_Keyword: fPP = Papua New Guinea
        Place_Keyword: fPA = Paraguay
        Place_Keyword: fUS42 = Pennsylvania
        Place_Keyword: fPE = Peru
        Place_Keyword: fRP = Philippines
        Place_Keyword: fPL = Poland
        Place_Keyword: fPO = Portugal
        Place_Keyword: fUS72 = Puerto Rico
        Place_Keyword: fUS44 = Rhode Island
        Place_Keyword: fRO = Romania
        Place_Keyword: fRS = Russia
        Place_Keyword: fRW = Rwanda
        Place_Keyword: fSA = Saudi Arabia
        Place_Keyword: fSG = Senegal
        Place_Keyword: fSL = Sierra Leone
        Place_Keyword: fLO = Slovakia
        Place_Keyword: fSI = Slovenia
        Place_Keyword: fBP = Solomon Islands
        Place_Keyword: fSO = Somalia
        Place_Keyword: fSF = South Africa
        Place_Keyword: fLD30 = South America
        Place_Keyword: fUS45 = South Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS46 = South Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fLD90 = Southeast Asia
        Place_Keyword: fSP = Spain
        Place_Keyword: fCE = Sri Lanka
        Place_Keyword: fSC = St. Kitts and Nevis
        Place_Keyword: fST = St. Lucia
        Place_Keyword: fSU = Sudan
        Place_Keyword: fNS = Suriname
        Place_Keyword: fWZ = Swaziland
        Place_Keyword: fSW = Sweden
        Place_Keyword: fSZ = Switzerland
        Place_Keyword: fSY = Syria
        Place_Keyword: fTI = Tajikistan
        Place_Keyword: fTZ = Tanzania
        Place_Keyword: fUS47 = Tennessee
        Place_Keyword: fUS48 = Texas
        Place_Keyword: fTH = Thailand
        Place_Keyword: fTO = Togo
        Place_Keyword: fTS = Tunisia
        Place_Keyword: fTU = Turkey
        Place_Keyword: fTX = Turkmenistan
        Place_Keyword: fUG = Uganda
        Place_Keyword: fUP = Ukraine
        Place_Keyword: fAE = United Arab Emirates
        Place_Keyword: fUK = United Kingdom
        Place_Keyword: fUS = United States
        Place_Keyword: fUY = Uruguay
        Place_Keyword: fUS49 = Utah
        Place_Keyword: fUZ = Uzbekistan
        Place_Keyword: fNH = Vanuatu
        Place_Keyword: fVE = Venezuela
        Place_Keyword: fUS50 = Vermont
        Place_Keyword: fVM = Vietnam
        Place_Keyword: fUS51 = Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS78 = Virgin Islands of the United States
        Place_Keyword: fUS53 = Washington
        Place_Keyword: fWE = West Bank
        Place_Keyword: fWI = Western Sahara
        Place_Keyword: fUS54 = West Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS55 = Wisconsin
        Place_Keyword: fUS56 = Wyoming
        Place_Keyword: fZA = Zambia
        Place_Keyword: fZI = Zimbabwe
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
        Theme_Keyword: columnar text
        Theme_Keyword: DBF
        Theme_Keyword: file geodatabase (Esri)
        Theme_Keyword: HTML table
        Theme_Keyword: KML
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WFS
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WMS
        Theme_Keyword: personal geodatabase (Esri)
        Theme_Keyword: shapefile
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: USGS Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: economic geology
        Theme_Keyword: geospatial datasets
        Theme_Keyword: map interfaces
        Theme_Keyword: mineral resources
        Theme_Keyword: web map services
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: none
        Theme_Keyword: MRDS
        Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address: pschweitzer
        Title: (Complete metadata record)
        Other_Citation_Details: XML format
          Format_Name: WMS
          Format_Version_Number: 1.3.0
          Format_Information_Content: Mineral occurrence sites with detailed characteristics
          Format_Name: WFS
          Format_Version_Number: 1.1.0
          Format_Information_Content: Mineral occurrence locations with detailed site characteristics
      Fees: none
    Metadata_Date: 20150220
          Contact_Person: Schweitzer, Peter, N
          Contact_Organization: Eastern Mineral Resources Team
          Address_Type: mailing address
          Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 954
          City: Reston
          State_or_Province: VA
          Postal_Code: 20192
          Country: USA
        Contact_Voice_Telephone: 703-648-6533
    Metadata_Standard_Name: Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998