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        Originator: Smith, Steven M.
        Title: National Geochemical Database: Rock
        Publication_Date: 2009
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        Geochemical analysis of rock samples collected and analyzed by the USGS. This dataset includes and supersedes rock data formerly released as "Geochemistry of igneous rocks in the US extracted from the PLUTO database"
        West_Bounding_Coordinate: -180
        East_Bounding_Coordinate: 179.9
        North_Bounding_Coordinate: 84.2
        South_Bounding_Coordinate: -85.5
    Access_Constraints: none
    Use_Constraints: none
        Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: Common geographic areas
        Place_Keyword: fUS01 = Alabama
        Place_Keyword: fUS02 = Alaska
        Place_Keyword: fAO = Angola
        Place_Keyword: fAY = Antarctica
        Place_Keyword: fAR = Argentina
        Place_Keyword: fUS04 = Arizona
        Place_Keyword: fUS05 = Arkansas
        Place_Keyword: fAS = Australia
        Place_Keyword: fBG = Bangladesh
        Place_Keyword: fBE = Belgium
        Place_Keyword: fBH = Belize
        Place_Keyword: fBL = Bolivia
        Place_Keyword: fBK = Bosnia and Herzegovina
        Place_Keyword: fBR = Brazil
        Place_Keyword: fBU = Bulgaria
        Place_Keyword: fUS06 = California
        Place_Keyword: fCA = Canada
        Place_Keyword: fCV = Cape Verde
        Place_Keyword: fCI = Chile
        Place_Keyword: fCH = China
        Place_Keyword: fCO = Colombia
        Place_Keyword: fUS08 = Colorado
        Place_Keyword: fCG = Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
        Place_Keyword: fUS09 = Connecticut
        Place_Keyword: fCS = Costa Rica
        Place_Keyword: fCY = Cyprus
        Place_Keyword: fEZ = Czech Republic
        Place_Keyword: fUS10 = Delaware
        Place_Keyword: fUS11 = District of Columbia
        Place_Keyword: fDJ = Djibouti
        Place_Keyword: fDR = Dominican Republic
        Place_Keyword: fEC = Ecuador
        Place_Keyword: fES = El Salvador
        Place_Keyword: fET = Ethiopia
        Place_Keyword: fUS12 = Florida
        Place_Keyword: fFR = France
        Place_Keyword: fGB = Gabon
        Place_Keyword: fGG = Georgia
        Place_Keyword: fUS13 = Georgia
        Place_Keyword: fGM = Germany
        Place_Keyword: fGH = Ghana
        Place_Keyword: fGL = Greenland
        Place_Keyword: fUS66 = Guam
        Place_Keyword: fGT = Guatemala
        Place_Keyword: fUS15 = Hawaii
        Place_Keyword: fIC = Iceland
        Place_Keyword: fUS16 = Idaho
        Place_Keyword: fUS17 = Illinois
        Place_Keyword: fIN = India
        Place_Keyword: fUS18 = Indiana
        Place_Keyword: fID = Indonesia
        Place_Keyword: fUS19 = Iowa
        Place_Keyword: fIS = Israel
        Place_Keyword: fIT = Italy
        Place_Keyword: fUS20 = Kansas
        Place_Keyword: fKZ = Kazakhstan
        Place_Keyword: fUS21 = Kentucky
        Place_Keyword: fKE = Kenya
        Place_Keyword: fKS = Korea, Republic of
        Place_Keyword: fKG = Kyrgyzstan
        Place_Keyword: fLI = Liberia
        Place_Keyword: fUS22 = Louisiana
        Place_Keyword: fUS23 = Maine
        Place_Keyword: fMY = Malaysia
        Place_Keyword: fUS24 = Maryland
        Place_Keyword: fUS25 = Massachusetts
        Place_Keyword: fMX = Mexico
        Place_Keyword: fUS26 = Michigan
        Place_Keyword: fUS27 = Minnesota
        Place_Keyword: fUS28 = Mississippi
        Place_Keyword: fUS29 = Missouri
        Place_Keyword: fUS30 = Montana
        Place_Keyword: fMO = Morocco
        Place_Keyword: fUS31 = Nebraska
        Place_Keyword: fNP = Nepal
        Place_Keyword: fNL = Netherlands
        Place_Keyword: fUS32 = Nevada
        Place_Keyword: fUS33 = New Hampshire
        Place_Keyword: fUS34 = New Jersey
        Place_Keyword: fUS35 = New Mexico
        Place_Keyword: fUS36 = New York
        Place_Keyword: fNZ = New Zealand
        Place_Keyword: fUS37 = North Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS38 = North Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fUS69 = Northern Mariana Islands
        Place_Keyword: fNO = Norway
        Place_Keyword: fUS39 = Ohio
        Place_Keyword: fUS40 = Oklahoma
        Place_Keyword: fMU = Oman
        Place_Keyword: fUS41 = Oregon
        Place_Keyword: fPK = Pakistan
        Place_Keyword: fPS = Palau
        Place_Keyword: fPA = Paraguay
        Place_Keyword: fUS42 = Pennsylvania
        Place_Keyword: fPE = Peru
        Place_Keyword: fRP = Philippines
        Place_Keyword: fPL = Poland
        Place_Keyword: fPO = Portugal
        Place_Keyword: fUS72 = Puerto Rico
        Place_Keyword: fUS44 = Rhode Island
        Place_Keyword: fRO = Romania
        Place_Keyword: fRS = Russia
        Place_Keyword: fRW = Rwanda
        Place_Keyword: fSA = Saudi Arabia
        Place_Keyword: fSG = Senegal
        Place_Keyword: fSF = South Africa
        Place_Keyword: fUS45 = South Carolina
        Place_Keyword: fUS46 = South Dakota
        Place_Keyword: fSP = Spain
        Place_Keyword: fSH = St. Helena
        Place_Keyword: fSU = Sudan
        Place_Keyword: fTI = Tajikistan
        Place_Keyword: fTZ = Tanzania
        Place_Keyword: fUS47 = Tennessee
        Place_Keyword: fUS48 = Texas
        Place_Keyword: fTU = Turkey
        Place_Keyword: fUP = Ukraine
        Place_Keyword: fUK = United Kingdom
        Place_Keyword: fUS = United States
        Place_Keyword: fUS49 = Utah
        Place_Keyword: fUZ = Uzbekistan
        Place_Keyword: fNH = Vanuatu
        Place_Keyword: fVE = Venezuela
        Place_Keyword: fUS50 = Vermont
        Place_Keyword: fUS51 = Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS78 = Virgin Islands of the United States
        Place_Keyword: fUS53 = Washington
        Place_Keyword: fUS54 = West Virginia
        Place_Keyword: fUS55 = Wisconsin
        Place_Keyword: fUS56 = Wyoming
        Place_Keyword: fYM = Yemen
        Place_Keyword: fZI = Zimbabwe
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
        Theme_Keyword: columnar text
        Theme_Keyword: DBF
        Theme_Keyword: HTML table
        Theme_Keyword: KML
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WFS
        Theme_Keyword: OGC WMS
        Theme_Keyword: shapefile
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: USGS Thesaurus
        Theme_Keyword: aluminum
        Theme_Keyword: antimony
        Theme_Keyword: arsenic
        Theme_Keyword: atomic absorption analysis
        Theme_Keyword: atomic emission spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: barium
        Theme_Keyword: beryllium
        Theme_Keyword: bismuth
        Theme_Keyword: boron
        Theme_Keyword: bromine
        Theme_Keyword: cadmium
        Theme_Keyword: calcium
        Theme_Keyword: carbon
        Theme_Keyword: cerium
        Theme_Keyword: cesium
        Theme_Keyword: chlorine
        Theme_Keyword: chromium
        Theme_Keyword: cobalt
        Theme_Keyword: copper
        Theme_Keyword: dysprosium
        Theme_Keyword: erbium
        Theme_Keyword: europium
        Theme_Keyword: fluorine
        Theme_Keyword: gadolinium
        Theme_Keyword: gallium
        Theme_Keyword: geochemistry
        Theme_Keyword: geospatial datasets
        Theme_Keyword: germanium
        Theme_Keyword: gold
        Theme_Keyword: hafnium
        Theme_Keyword: holmium
        Theme_Keyword: igneous rocks
        Theme_Keyword: indium
        Theme_Keyword: iodine
        Theme_Keyword: iridium
        Theme_Keyword: iron
        Theme_Keyword: lanthanum
        Theme_Keyword: lead
        Theme_Keyword: lithium
        Theme_Keyword: lutetium
        Theme_Keyword: magnesium
        Theme_Keyword: manganese
        Theme_Keyword: mass spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: mercury
        Theme_Keyword: metamorphic rocks
        Theme_Keyword: molybdenum
        Theme_Keyword: neodymium
        Theme_Keyword: neutron activation analysis
        Theme_Keyword: nickel
        Theme_Keyword: niobium
        Theme_Keyword: osmium
        Theme_Keyword: palladium
        Theme_Keyword: phosphorus
        Theme_Keyword: platinum
        Theme_Keyword: potassium
        Theme_Keyword: praseodymium
        Theme_Keyword: radon
        Theme_Keyword: rhenium
        Theme_Keyword: rhodium
        Theme_Keyword: rubidium
        Theme_Keyword: ruthenium
        Theme_Keyword: samarium
        Theme_Keyword: scandium
        Theme_Keyword: sedimentary rocks
        Theme_Keyword: selenium
        Theme_Keyword: silicon
        Theme_Keyword: silver
        Theme_Keyword: sodium
        Theme_Keyword: strontium
        Theme_Keyword: sulfur
        Theme_Keyword: tantalum
        Theme_Keyword: tellurium
        Theme_Keyword: terbium
        Theme_Keyword: thallium
        Theme_Keyword: thorium
        Theme_Keyword: thulium
        Theme_Keyword: tin
        Theme_Keyword: titanium
        Theme_Keyword: tungsten
        Theme_Keyword: uranium
        Theme_Keyword: vanadium
        Theme_Keyword: x-ray diffraction
        Theme_Keyword: ytterbium
        Theme_Keyword: yttrium
        Theme_Keyword: zinc
        Theme_Keyword: zirconium
        Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address: smsmith
        Title: (Complete metadata record)
        Other_Citation_Details: XML format
          Format_Name: WMS
          Format_Version_Number: 1.3.0
          Format_Information_Content: Sample locations and characteristics with geochemical analyses
          Format_Name: WFS
          Format_Version_Number: 1.1.0
          Format_Information_Content: Sample locations and characteristics with geochemical analyses
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    Metadata_Date: 20150220
          Contact_Person: Schweitzer, Peter, N
          Contact_Organization: Eastern Mineral Resources Team
          Address_Type: mailing address
          Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive Mail Stop 954
          City: Reston
          State_or_Province: VA
          Postal_Code: 20192
          Country: USA
        Contact_Voice_Telephone: 703-648-6533
    Metadata_Standard_Name: Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998