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        Originator: Johnson, Raymond H.
        Originator: DeWitt, Ed H.
        Originator: Wirt, Laurie
        Originator: Arnold, L. Rick
        Originator: Horton, John D.
        Title: Water and rock geochemistry, geologic cross sections, geochemical modeling, and groundwater flow modeling for identifying the source of groundwater to Montezuma Well, a natural spring in central Arizona
        Publication_Date: 2011
          Series_Name: Open-File Report
          Issue_Identification: 2011-1063
          Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey
        This report releases data, cross section, and model information related to the identification of travel paths for groundwater supply and principal stratigraphic and structural features that serve as constraints or conduits for groundwater movement.
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        Place_Keyword: fUS04 = Arizona
        Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: General glossary for mineral resources spatial data
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        Theme_Keyword: aluminum
        Theme_Keyword: antimony
        Theme_Keyword: arsenic
        Theme_Keyword: atomic emission spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: barium
        Theme_Keyword: beryllium
        Theme_Keyword: bismuth
        Theme_Keyword: boron
        Theme_Keyword: cadmium
        Theme_Keyword: calcium
        Theme_Keyword: cerium
        Theme_Keyword: cesium
        Theme_Keyword: chlorine
        Theme_Keyword: chromium
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        Theme_Keyword: erbium
        Theme_Keyword: europium
        Theme_Keyword: fluorine
        Theme_Keyword: gadolinium
        Theme_Keyword: gallium
        Theme_Keyword: geochemistry
        Theme_Keyword: germanium
        Theme_Keyword: groundwater
        Theme_Keyword: groundwater flow
        Theme_Keyword: holmium
        Theme_Keyword: iron
        Theme_Keyword: isotopic analysis
        Theme_Keyword: lanthanum
        Theme_Keyword: lead
        Theme_Keyword: liquid chromatography
        Theme_Keyword: lithium
        Theme_Keyword: lutetium
        Theme_Keyword: magnesium
        Theme_Keyword: manganese
        Theme_Keyword: mass spectroscopy
        Theme_Keyword: mathematical modeling
        Theme_Keyword: molybdenum
        Theme_Keyword: neodymium
        Theme_Keyword: nickel
        Theme_Keyword: niobium
        Theme_Keyword: oxygen content (water)
        Theme_Keyword: phosphorus
        Theme_Keyword: potassium
        Theme_Keyword: praseodymium
        Theme_Keyword: rubidium
        Theme_Keyword: samarium
        Theme_Keyword: scandium
        Theme_Keyword: selenium
        Theme_Keyword: silver
        Theme_Keyword: sinkhole formation
        Theme_Keyword: sodium
        Theme_Keyword: stratigraphic sections
        Theme_Keyword: strontium
        Theme_Keyword: tantalum
        Theme_Keyword: terbium
        Theme_Keyword: thallium
        Theme_Keyword: thorium
        Theme_Keyword: thulium
        Theme_Keyword: titanium
        Theme_Keyword: tracer study
        Theme_Keyword: tungsten
        Theme_Keyword: uranium
        Theme_Keyword: vanadium
        Theme_Keyword: water pH
        Theme_Keyword: water sampling
        Theme_Keyword: water temperature
        Theme_Keyword: ytterbium
        Theme_Keyword: yttrium
        Theme_Keyword: zinc
        Theme_Keyword: zirconium
    Metadata_Date: 20131204
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    Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998