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Chemical elements
Chemical substances distinguished by atomic number. http://periodic.lanl.gov/
Aluminum (51 items)
Antimony (45 items)
Arsenic (52 items)
Barium (52 items)
Beryllium (45 items)
Bismuth (41 items)
Boron (20 items)
Bromine (8 items)
Cadmium (47 items)
Calcium (44 items)
Carbon (17 items)
Cerium (44 items)
Cesium (31 items)
Chlorine (17 items)
Chromium (53 items)
Cobalt (59 items)
Copper (104 items)
Dysprosium (27 items)
Erbium (24 items)
Europium (34 items)
Fluorine (26 items)
Gadolinium (24 items)
Gallium (42 items)
Germanium (21 items)
Gold (68 items)
Hafnium (14 items)
Helium (1 items)
Holmium (29 items)
Indium (20 items)
Iodine (6 items)
Iridium (9 items)
Iron (55 items)
Lanthanum (46 items)
Lead (75 items)
Lithium (47 items)
Lutetium (24 items)
Magnesium (44 items)
Manganese (52 items)
Mercury (34 items)
Molybdenum (66 items)
Neodymium (33 items)
Nickel (54 items)
Niobium (46 items)
Nitrogen (10 items)
Osmium (8 items)
Palladium (17 items)
Phosphorus (46 items)
Platinum (20 items)
Potassium (54 items)
Praseodymium (25 items)
Promethium (3 items)
Radon (2 items)
Rhenium (8 items)
Rhodium (12 items)
Rubidium (35 items)
Ruthenium (12 items)
Samarium (27 items)
Scandium (43 items)
Selenium (31 items)
Silicon (21 items)
Silver (82 items)
Sodium (39 items)
Strontium (48 items)
Sulfur (40 items)
Tantalum (33 items)
Tellurium (22 items)
Terbium (27 items)
Thallium (33 items)
Thorium (55 items)
Thulium (23 items)
Tin (38 items)
Titanium (51 items)
Tungsten (37 items)
Uranium (59 items)
Vanadium (49 items)
Xenon (1 items)
Ytterbium (33 items)
Yttrium (49 items)
Zinc (68 items)
Zirconium (32 items)

Results 1 - 10 of 199 listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Aqueous geochemical data from the analysis of stream-water samples collected in June and August 2008--Taylor Mountains 1:250,000- and Dillingham D-4 1:63,360-scale quadrangles, Alaska
Measurements on 92 samples, including pH, conductivity, water temperature, major cation and anion concentrations, and trace-element concentrations.
Aqueous geochemical data from the analysis of stream-water samples collected in June and July 2006-Taylor Mountains 1:250,00-scale quadrangle, Alaska
Analyses of 72 water samples include pH, conductivity, water temperature, major cation and anion concentrations, trace-element concentrations, and dissolved organic-carbon concentrations.
Byproduct metals and rare-earth elements used in the production of light-emitting diodes—Overview of principal sources of supply and material requirements for selected markets
Investigates the expanding LED industry and it’s manufacturing complexities. The sources and supply of the select mineral commodities used and the manufacturing process and supply chain are discussed.
Chemical analyses of soils and other surficial materials of the conterminous US
Geochemistry of soils and other regoliths collected and analyzed by Hans Shacklette and colleagues from 1958 until about 1976.
Geochemical analysis of soils and sediments, Coeur d'Alene drainage basin, Idaho: Sampling, analytical methods, and results
Chemical composition of sediments and soils are of interest because of the potential for human and wildlife health impacts from high metal contents due to over 100 years of mining activity.
Geochemical and mineral maps from soils of the conterminous United States: interactive web site
Interactive web site showing geochemical and mineralogical maps along with a histogram, boxplot, and empirical cumulative distribution function plot for each element or mineral whose data are provided in DS-801
Geochemical and mineralogical data for soils of the conterminous United States
Systematic geochemical and mineralogical survey of soil horizons analyzed using a consistent set of methods, sample spacing 1 per 1,600 sq km.
Geochemical and petrographic data for intrusions peripheral to the Big Timber Stock, Crazy Mountains, Montana
The Paleocene Fort Union Formation hosts a compositionally diverse array of Eocene plugs, dikes, and sills arrayed around the Eocene Big Timber stock in the Crazy Mountains of south-central Montana. The geochemistry and petrography of the sills have no
Geochemical and stable isotopic data on barren and mineralized drill core in the Devonian Popovich Formation, Screamer sector of the Betze-Post gold deposit, northern Carlin trend, Nevada
Detailed chemical and isotopic analysis of host and associated rocks within an area that is currently the largest producer of gold in the US. Part of a study of the hydrothermal activity leading to the formation of these gold deposits.
XLS Geochemical data for core and bottom-sediment samples collected in 2007 from Grand Lake o' the Cherokees, northeast Oklahoma
In this area of historical lead-zinc mining activity, studies such as this help to assess the possibility of human exposure to cadmium and lead through eating fish.
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