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Magnetic field (earth)
The magnetic region surrounding earth. It is generated by the dipolar characteristic of earth's core whereby earth itself acts as a great spherical magnet with poles near, but not exactly at, the North and South poles.

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Magnetic anomaly map of North America
Airborne measurement of the earth's magnetic field over all of North America provides gridded data describing the magnetic anomaly caused by variations in earth materials and structure.
PDF Introduction to potential fields: magnetics
Explanation of the Earth's magnetic field and how USGS measures it. Defines magnetic anomaly, induced and remanent magnetism in rocks, and describes magnetic anomaly maps.
PDF Compiling magnetic databases
Explains the process used to compile and analyze data from diverse magnetic surveys of an area to produce a consistent synoptic data set portraying the magnetic anomalies of the region.
Aeromagnetic and gravity maps of the central Marysvale volcanic field, southwestern Utah
Maps (no data) depicting aeromagnetic and Bouguer gravity anomaly in the study area. Report discusses rock sample density and magnetic properties, but data are buried in PDF tables.
Aeromagnetic, gravity anomaly, and derivative maps of the Craig and Dixon Entrance 1°x3° quadrangles of southeastern Alaska
A simplified geologic map, raw gravity and magnetic data, with derivative products including depth-to-source and rock densities, with limited interpretations of the underlying geology, structures, and mineral resources.
Helicopter electromagnetic and magnetic survey maps and data, East Poplar oil field area, August 2004, Fort Peck Indian Reservation, northeastern Montana
Grids, line data, and imagery derived from them covering the small study area.
PDF Magnetic and gravity anomaly maps of West Virginia
Aeromagnetic surveys of West Virginia, merged to form seamless grids across the state. Gravity anomaly data are provided as well.
A helicopter-borne magnetic survey over Dixie Valley geothermal field, Nevada
Gridded data from helicopter study of shallow geologic structures
A preliminary full spectrum magnetic anomaly grid of the United States with improved long wavelengths for studying continental dynamics
The long-wavelength (50-2,500 km) content of the regional magnetic anomaly compilation was improved by utilizing a nearly homogeneous a nearly homogeneous set of NURE magnetic surveys flown from 1975 to 1981
Aeromagnetic and aeromagnetic-based geologic maps of the Coastal Belt, Franciscan Complex, northern California
New aeromagnetic point observation data with grids as well
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