Yukon Territory


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Global Mineral Resource Assessment

Regional locations and estimates of the probable amounts of undiscovered resources of copper, platinum-group elements, and potash in selected types of mineral deposits to depths of 1 to 3 kilometers below the surface of the earth worldwide.

Low-fluorine stockwork molybdenite deposits

Descriptive mineral deposit model, with locations of known deposits of this type and a few site characteristics.

Porphyry copper assessment of British Columbia and Yukon Territory, Canada

GIS files representing the mineral resource assessment permissive tracts, deposits and significant prospects.

Imaging spectrometer reflectance data, mineral predominance map, and white mica wavelength position map, Nabesna Quadrangle, Alaska

Reflectance, mineral predominance, and white mica wavelength position data calculated from an airborne hyperspectral imaging survey of this area using a HyMap sensor in 2014. Data are provided in a format generated by the ENVI software product, CSV, and GeoTiff.

Airborne imaging spectrometer data collected for characterizing mineral resources near Nabesna, Alaska, 2014

Flight-line data for a hyperspectral survey using the HyMap sensor over this area in 2014 where porphyry deposits are exposed. The data are provided in imagery formats.

Global Geochemical Database for Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples

Chemistry and geologic information for historic ore and ore-related rock samples from mineral deposits in the United States and from archetypal deposits from 27 other countries. Data are provide in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and CSV formats.

Isotope and chemical data for: Sulfur isotopes of host strata for Howards Pass (Yukon-Northwest Territories) Zn-Pb deposits implicate anaerobic oxidation of methane not basin stagnation

Sulfur and carbon isotope compositions, concentrations of selected elements, and concentrations of pyrite sulfur and organic carbon in mudstone samples collected from five cores drilled in this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

Solid and aqueous geochemistry for mill tailings and other ore processing materials

Geochemical analyses of solid mill tailings and other ore processing materials from worldwide localities, and leachates from those samples. Data are provided in CSV format.