Upper Saline

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Airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, and radiometric survey of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, November 2019 - March 2020

Airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, and radiometric data were acquired from 2019 to 2020 along 24,030 line-kilometers over the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. Survey was flown at a nominal height of 120 m above terrain with 6-kilometer spaced east-west flight lines. Data are provided in ASEG-GDF2 format.

Combined results and derivative products of hydrogeologic structure and properties from airborne electromagnetic surveys in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain

Electrical resistivity results from two regional airborne electromagnetic surveys were combined to produce three-dimensional gridded models and derivative hydrogeologic products. This high-resolution information about hydrogeologic structure and properties to aid interpretations and hydrologic models. Data are provided in netCDF and GeoTiff formats.

Geochemical analyses of bauxite and associated rocks from the Arkansas bauxite region, central Arkansas

Major and trace element analytical results of samples of aluminum ore and nearby rocks in order to understand the prevalence of critical minerals there and in similar deposits. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel, CSV, and shapefile formats.