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Geochemical data generated by projects funded by the USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative

Includes all geochemical data generated by each project partnership funded through Earth MRI and will be updated periodically as additional geochemical data from these projects becomes available.

Tin Deposits in the United States

Locations, extent, and detailed characteristics and history of mineral deposits containing this commodity, including history of production, resource estimates, and extent of surface workings. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase, shapefile, and CSV formats.

U-Pb Isotopic Data and Ages of Detrital Zircon from Selected Rocks from Southwestern Alaska and the Yukon-Tanana Upland and Environs of Eastern Interior Alaska and Eastern Yukon, Canada

Geochronology data obtained through radiometric dating of rocks in this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

U-Pb Ages, Hafnium Isotope Ratios, and Trace Element Concentrations by Laser-ablation Split Stream (LASS) Analysis of Igneous and Metamorphic Zircons from the Yukon-Tanana Upland, Eastern Alaska

U-Pb isotopic data and ages, Hf isotope data, and trace element concentrations of zircon from igneous rocks collected from this area. Data are provided in CSV format.