Fly Gap Mountain

quadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Boston (1 items)
Boxley (1 items)
Cass (1 items)
Deer (1 items)
Fallsville (1 items)
Fort Douglas (1 items)
Hagarville (1 items)
Harmony (1 items)
Hunt (1 items)
Japton (1 items)
Ludwig (1 items)
Lurton (1 items)
Mount Judea (1 items)
Murray (1 items)
Oark (1 items)
Ozone (1 items)
Parthenon (1 items)
Pettigrew (1 items)
Rosetta (1 items)
Saint Paul (1 items)
Sand Gap (1 items)
Simpson (1 items)
Swain (1 items)
Treat (1 items)
Watalula (1 items)
Weathers (1 items)
Witter (1 items)
Yale (1 items)

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Magnetotelluric data from Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky, 2016-2019

Magnetotelluric station data collected from 2016-2019 across parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky to support regional investigations into the geologic and tectonic framework of the area and mineral resource and geologic hazard investigations.

Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over northwest Arkansas, 2019-2020

Digital flight line data for a high-resolution magnetic and radiometric survey over an area of northwest Arkansas. Data files in CSV format, with GeoTiff as well.