West Frankfort

quadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Akin (2 items)
Broughton (1 items)
Carrier Mills (1 items)
Crab Orchard (1 items)
Creal Springs (1 items)
Dekoven (1 items)
Eddyville (1 items)
Eldorado (2 items)
Emma (1 items)
Equality (1 items)
Galatia (1 items)
Grove Center (1 items)
Harco (1 items)
Harrisburg (2 items)
Herod (2 items)
Johnston City (1 items)
Karbers Ridge (2 items)
Marion (1 items)
New Haven (1 items)
New Haven SW (1 items)
Norris City (1 items)
Pittsburg (1 items)
Ridgway (2 items)
Rudement (1 items)
Saline Mines (1 items)
Shawneetown (1 items)
Stonefort (1 items)
Thompsonville (1 items)
Wabash Island (1 items)
Walpole (1 items)
West Frankfort (1 items)

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Geochemical data generated by projects funded by the USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative

Includes all geochemical data generated by each project partnership funded through Earth MRI and will be updated periodically as additional geochemical data from these projects becomes available.

Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, southeastern Illinois, western Kentucky, and southern Indiana, 2019

Digital flight line data for a high-resolution magnetic and radiometric survey over an area of southeast Illinois, western Kentucky, and southern Indiana. Data are provided in CSV and GeoTiff formats.