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Updated aeromagnetic and gravity anomaly compilations and elevation-bathymetry models over Lake Superior

New gravity and magnetic compilations and elevation-bathymetry models compiled for the Lake Superior region, providing continuous sets of observations for geologic interpretations spanning political boundaries such as US States and the US-Canada border where bedrock geology is largely concealed beneath glacial deposits and surface water. Data are provide in GeoTiff, GXF, and CSV (for gravity station data) formats.

Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey data, northeast Wisconsin

Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey data collected during 2021 over 3,170 line kilometers with nominal flight height of 30 - 40 m above terrain and nominal line spacing of 0.5 miles. Data are provided in Geosoft database, Geosoft grid, GeoTiff, Geosoft map, and netCDF formats.

Ground-based time-domain electromagnetic data and resistivity models near Manistee National Forest, Michigan, 2020

Ground-based transient electromagnetic data were acquired near Manistee National Forest, Michigan, to define the resistivity structure of the subsurface rocks.