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Bedrock geologic map of the Ashland and the northern part of the Ironwood 30 min X 60 min quadrangles, Wisconsin and Michigan

Magnetotelluric data from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan, 2015-2019

Magnetotelluric stations collected from 2015-2019 across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to support regional investigations into the geologic and tectonic framework of the area and to support mineral resource investigations.

Chemistry, morphology, modal mineralogy, and photomicrographs of amphiboles and other minerals in the Ironwood Iron-Formation, Gogebic Iron Range, Wisconsin, USA

Information related to amphibole and other minerals in order that commercial, regulatory, and other entities may obtain a better understanding of their impact on potential resource development. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel CSV, annotated PDF reports including microphotographs and analytical results, and JPEG formats.