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Aeromagnetic survey map of the central California coast ranges

Intended to promote further understanding of the geology and structure in the central California Coast Ranges, includes downloadable gridded point database.

Geologic and geophysical maps of the eastern three-fourths of the Cambria 30 x 60 degree quadrangle, central California Coast Ranges

Contains geologic, gravity anomaly, and aeromagnetic anomaly maps and the associated geologic and geophysical databases (ArcMap), as well as complete descriptions of the geologic map units and the structural relations in the mapped area.

Isostatic gravity map of the Monterey 30x60 minute quadrangle and adjacent areas, California

Gravity measurements to support regional mapping and hydrologic studies

Isostatic gravity map of the Point Sur 30 x 60 quadrangle and adjacent areas, California

Includes 802 gravity station measurements with isostatic, free-air, simple and complete Bouguer anomalies, and terrain correction.

Preliminary isostatic residual gravity anomaly map of Paso Robles 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, California

Includes 2,604 (170 not previously published) gravity station measurements with calculations of free-air, simple Bouguer, complete Bouguer, and isostatic anomaly.

Seven aeromagnetic surveys in California and Nevada

Grid and flight-line data files provided by the geophysical survey contractors.

Six aeromagnetic surveys in Nevada and California

Gridded data for aeromagnetic surveys with contractors' reports describing the data collection