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A compilation of K-Ar-ages for southern California

Conventional K-Ar ages for granitic, volcanic, and metamorphic rocks collected in this area.

Isostatic gravity map with simplified geology of the Los Angeles 30x60 minute Quadrangle

Includes detailed point measurements of gravity

Preliminary potential-field constraints on the geometry of the San Fernando basin, southern California

Results of mathematical modeling of gravity and magnetic anomaly data to infer the geologic structure of the area

Density and Magnetic Properties of Selected Rock Samples from the Western U.S. and Alaska

Physical properties (density, magnetic susceptibility, and remanent magnetism) from 20,000 rock samples. Data are provided in CSV format.

Update of the Mineral Resources Data System for California including Mineral Deposit Types

Improved information on deposit model (type) in records of this older USGS database describing sites that are located in California. Includes a list of additional deposit types needed to properly categorize the California locations. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel, CSV, and Esri personal geodatabase (Microsoft Access) formats.