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Aeromagnetic survey of Medina and Uvalde Counties, Texas

Flight-line data, flight-line and aeromagnetic anomaly map images

Distribution of igneous rocks in Medina and Uvalde counties, Texas, as inferred from aeromagnetic data

High resolution aeromagnetic survey used to infer the locations of igneous rock bodies in the area, which are provided in GIS data files

Helicopter electromagnetic and magnetic survey data and maps, Seco Creek area, Medina and Uvalde Counties, Texas

Airborne geophysical data and a summary of the hydrologic application.

Three-dimensional geologic model of complex fault structures in the upper Seco Creek area, Medina and Uvalde counties, south-central Texas

Data sets include drill-hole from core and geophysical logs, surface geology and elevation, and helicopter electromagnetic survey data. The model may be explored and .jpg or .tiff images or using specialized software provided.