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Airborne magnetic survey over northeast North Dakota, 2000-2001

High-resolution, high-sensitivity aeromagnetic data to assess the area for anomalies and magnetic features pertaining to the local geology. Flight lines were spaced 0.25 miles (400 meters) apart in an east-west alignment. Data are provided in CSV and GeoTIFF formats.

Digital map of iron sulfate minerals, other mineral groups, and vegetation of the western United States derived from automated analysis of Landsat 8 satellite data

Multispectral remote sensing data acquired by Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) sensor were analyzed using an automated technique to generate surficial mineralogy and vegetation maps of the conterminous western United States. Data are provided in ERDAS Imagine format.

Global Geochemical Database for Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples

Chemistry and geologic information for historic ore and ore-related rock samples from mineral deposits in the United States and from archetypal deposits from 27 other countries. Data are provide in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and CSV formats.