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Oxide and cation compositions of feldspar grains from drill core of the Duluth Complex, Minnesota

Major, minor, and trace element compositions of bulk drill core samples from the Duluth Complex

Titanium-vanadium deposits hosted in mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions and massif anorthosite intrusions from around the world

Information on titanium-vanadium deposits hosted in mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions and massif anorthosite intrusions from around the world. Includes only deposits with reported grade and tonnage information. Data are provided in CSV and shapefile formats.

Geochemical characterization of solid media from three watersheds that transect the basal contact of the Duluth Complex, northeastern Minnesota

Geochemical analyses of bedrock, soil, streambed sediment, and surface-water samples were collected and analyzed in three watersheds that cross the basal part of the Duluth Complex, northeastern Minnesota to document regional water quality in areas of potential base-metal mining, Data are provided in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats.

Magnetotelluric data from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan, 2015-2019

Magnetotelluric stations collected from 2015-2019 across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to support regional investigations into the geologic and tectonic framework of the area and to support mineral resource investigations.

Structural measurements and their calculated surface traces, South Kawishiwi area, Duluth Complex, Minnesota

Structural measurements taken from this area and surface traces of the structural measurements. Data are provided in shapefile format.

Surfaces representing the basal mineralized zone in the South Kawishiwi, Bathtub, and Partridge River Intrusions, Duluth Complex, Minnesota

Grids representing the copper-nickel-platinum group element mineralized zone found in these intrusions. Includes elevation of the bottom and top of the zone, and measures of the thickness of the zone. Data are provided in Esri Grid and CSV formats.