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Reported historic asbestos mines, historic asbestos prospects, and other natural occurrences of asbestos in the conterminous United States

Site-by-site information on 876 natural occurrences of asbestos reported within the conterminous US. Includes location, mineralogy, geology, and relevant literature for each asbestos site. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel, shapefile, and CSV formats.

Crustal Architecture Beneath the Southern Midcontinent (USA) -- Data Grids and 3D Geophysical Models

Regional grid files and 3D voxel models were used to study crustal architecture. Includes grid files consist of surface grids used in the inversions, and calculated geophysical data grids produced by the inversions. Data are provided in GOCAD voxel and GXF grid formats.

U-Pb Dataset from late Paleozoic record of the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin

Radiometric ages from zircons in this area are used to investigate changes in provenance in this region as a result of a changing hydroclimate and tectonics. Data are provided in CSV format.

Visible and Near Infrared (VNIR) and Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Spectra of Select Rock Cores and Waste Material from Nine Uranium Mine Sites in Karnes and Live Oak Counties, Texas

Laboratory reflectance measurements of sandstone, tuffaceous mudstone and claystone rocks and sediment known to host roll front Uranium deposits, in support of efforts to map the distribution and morphology of mine waste features in this area. Data are provided in CSV format. Locations in shapefile format.

Airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, and radiometric survey of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, Mississippi Embayment, and Gulf Coastal Plain, September 2021 - January 2022

Airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, and radiometric data were acquired along 27,204 line-kilometers over this area. Data are provided in netCDF format.