Ralston-Stone Cabin Valleys

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Ar/Ar geochronology of samples from the Tonopah, Divide, and Goldfield districts, Nevada

Ar/Ar data are reported from minerals and rocks that were collected as part of a mineral resource investigation of this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

Zircon U-Pb age and trace element data for Cenozoic igneous rocks in the Tonopah area, Nevada

U-Pb ages and concentrations of selected trace elements were analyzed in zircon crystals from nine samples of Cenozoic igneous rocks collected in this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

Fluid Inclusion Noble Gas Data From Goldfield and Tonopah Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits

Helium, neon, and argon isotopic compositions contained in fluid inclusions in 25 samples from these mineral deposits. Four mineral separates from the Butte Main Stage vein deposit and two from the Bingham pyrite-enargite vein deposits were also analyzed. Includes some hand samples from underground mine workings and some from mine tailings piles and pits. Data are provided in CSV format.

Global Geochemical Database for Critical Minerals in Archived Mine Samples

Chemistry and geologic information for historic ore and ore-related rock samples from mineral deposits in the United States and from archetypal deposits from 27 other countries. Data are provide in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and CSV formats.

Lithium Deposits in the United States

Detailed descriptions of mineral deposits containing this commodity, including history, production, resource estimates, and geographic features. Data are provided in CSV, shapefile, Microsoft Excel, and Esri file geodatabase formats.

Clayton Valley Geophysical Data Release

Reprocessed existing gravity data compiled from multiple sources, as well as newly collected gravity and ground magnetic data, and bulk densities and magnetic susceptibilities from outcrop, hand samples, and drill cores. Data are provided in CSV format.