Beaverhead National Forest

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Map showing areas with potential for garnet resources in bedrock and placer in the Blacktail Mountains and the Gravelly, Greenhorn, Ruby, and Snowcrest ranges of southwestern Montana

Geological data in support of mineral resource assessment

Map showing areas with potential for talc deposits in the Gravelly, Greenhorn, and Ruby ranges and the Henrys Lake Mountains of southwestern Montana

Geologic data supporting mineral resource assessment

Relational database for the geology of the northern Rocky Mountains; Idaho, Montana, and Washington

Geologic map unit and lithologic descriptions used in Open File Report 2005-1235, with extensive bibliographic references to geologic literature that could not be included in the spatial database.

Spatial databases for the geology of the Northern Rocky Mountains - Idaho, Montana, and Washington

The spatial databases represent the original content of 43 published geologic maps, provide normalized map unit descriptions, and provide additional information and interpretation not in the original reports.