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High-angle faults in the basement of Yucca Flats, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, based on analysis of a constrained gravity inversion surface

A fault map and digital fault dataset were constructed based on offsets of the basement surface. Because these faults are, in large part, not present at the surface, they are interpreted to be inactive faults, older than the alluvial basin fill.

Geologic and geophysical maps of the Death Valley ground-water model area, Nevada and California

Maps and geospatial data for (a) geology; (b) tectonics; (c) isostatic gravity anomaly; (d) aeromagnetic anomaly; (e) depth to pre-Cenozoic basement.

Geophysical framework of the southwestern Nevada volcanic field and hydrogeologic implications

Report describing detailed interpretation of geophysical survey data to draw inferences about subsurface geologic features and likely consequences for the hydrogeologic system.

A preliminary investigation of the structure of southern Yucca Flat, Massachusetts Mountain, and CP basin, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, based on geophysical modeling

Maps showing aeromagnetic survey results, locations of gravity station data, and discussions of processing within the report

Modeling of the Climax Stock and related plutons based on the inversion of magnetic data, southwest Nevada

Mathematical modeling, coupled with new observations of magnetic susceptibility, yield better estimates of the underground configuration of granite plutons.

Preliminary gravity inversion model of Frenchman Flat Basin, Nevada Test Site, Nevada

Provides data for the depth below the land surface,in meters, of the modeled location of the Pre-Tertiary basement surface.

Aeromagnetic survey of the Amargosa desert, Nevada and California

Grid data files along with maps in PDF and PostScript accompany this report