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Belen (1 items)
Belen NW (1 items)
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Bosque Peak (1 items)
Capilla Peak (1 items)
Dalies (1 items)
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Hubbell Spring (1 items)
Isleta (1 items)
Los Lunas (1 items)
Los Lunas SE (1 items)
Rio Puerco (1 items)
Tome (1 items)
Tome NE (1 items)
Tome SE (1 items)
Turn (1 items)
Veguita (1 items)
Wind Mesa (1 items)

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Data for a Comprehensive Survey of Fault Zones, Breccias, and Fractures in and Flanking the Eastern Espanola Basin, Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico

Data and analyses from 53 individual fault zones and 22 other brittle structures, such as breccia zones, joints, and veins, investigated at a total of just over 100 sites. Includes geologic maps; field observations and measurements; orientation, kinematic paleostress analyses and modeling; statistical examination of 575 fault trace lengths; mineralogy and chemistry of host and fault rocks. Data are provided in shapefile and CSV formats.