Mesquite Lake

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Airborne magnetic and radiometric survey of the southeast Mojave Desert, California and Nevada

Digital flight-line aeromagnetic and aeroradiometric survey data over of the southeast Mojave Desert, parts of California and Nevada. Data files are provided in CSV as well as Geosoft binary database and grid exchange format (GXF).

Geochemistry, geochronology, and isotope geochemistry data for rocks and zircons from Mountain Pass, California

Whole rock geochemical analysis and, for zircons, isotopic composition to assess the genesis of igneous rocks that host the Mountain Pass rare earth element deposit. Data are provided in CSV format.

High-Resolution Airborne Gravity Gradiometry, Magnetic, and Radiometric Data of Mountain Pass, Southeast Mojave Desert, California

Detailed airborne gravity gradiometry, magnetic, and radiometric survey data for this area flown with flight-line spacing of 100 and 200 m, nominal flight-line elevation above ground of 70 m, for about 1,814 line-kilometers. Data are provided in CSV and Geosoft database (.gdb) format. Gravity and hillshade are in GXF grids.

High-Resolution Airborne Radiometric Survey of Mountain Pass, California

Data obtained from a detailed airborne radiometric survey of this area flown by helicopter at a flight-line spacing of 100 and 200 m, a flight-line azimuth of 70 degrees, a nominal flight-line elevation above ground of 70 m, over about 1,814 line-kilometers. Radioelement data are presented for potassium (K), equivalent thorium (eTh), and equivalent uranium (eU). Data are provided in GXF format.

Magnetotelluric data from Mountain Pass, California, 2015

Magnetotelluric (MT) data from 65 stations collected in 2015 in this area create a regional conductivity model near the Mountain Pass mine.

Whole Rock Density, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Radiometric Measurements of a Rare Earth Element Terrane, Southeastern Mojave Desert.

Rock property measurements including density, magnetic susceptibility, and radiometric concentrations to understand structural and geophysical relationships associated with rare earth element mineral deposits. Data are provided in CSV format.