Canon City

quadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Bushnell Peak (2 items)
Coaldale (2 items)
Cotopaxi (1 items)
Curley Peak (1 items)
Electric Peak (1 items)
Hillside (1 items)
Horn Peak (1 items)
Iron Mountain (1 items)
Mcintyre Hills (1 items)
Mirage (2 items)
Moffat North (1 items)
Mount Tyndall (1 items)
Rito Alto Peak (2 items)
Villa Grove (1 items)
Wellsville (2 items)

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Shapefiles to accompany Colorado Mineral Belt revisited

Based on detailed information on the location of the Tertiary intrusions and mineral deposits, and on the control provided by the Proterozoic structures, all superimposed using GIS, a new outline of the Colorado Mineral Belt is proposed. Older representations are included for comparison. Data are provided in shapefile format.

Digital Data from Mineral Investigation of Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Study Area, Alamosa, Custer, Fremont, Huerfano, and Saguache Counties, Colorado, USA

Tabular and geospatial data digitized from a U.S. Bureau of Mines that presented results of a mineral resource potential survey in this area. Georeferenced scanned plates are provided in JPEG format, other data are provided in Esri file geodatabase, CSV, and shapefile formats.

High Resolution Aeromagnetic Survey, Villa Grove, Colorado, USA, 2011

Data from a helicopter magnetic survey in this area to understand the nature of aquifers, the potential for geothermal energy resources, the likelihood of seismic hazards, and the geology of the northern Rio Grande rift. Data are provided in GXF grid and CSV formats.

Whole-rock geochemical data for alkaline intrusive rocks in the Wet Mountains area of Custer and Fremont Counties, south-central Colorado, USA

Whole-rock major and trace element analyses of 51 samples of breccias, veins and thin dikes, and a variety of carbonatite, felsic, mafic, and ultramafic intrusions across the area to understand the mineralization of rare earth elements and thorium in this area. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats.