quadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Ambrose (1 items)
Beaver Mountain (1 items)
Davis Creek (1 items)
Hager Basin (1 items)
Jacks Butte (1 items)
Lauer Reservoir (1 items)
Mahogany Ridge (1 items)
Mcginty Point (1 items)
Payne Peak (1 items)
Pease Flat (1 items)
Pothole Valley (1 items)
South Mountain (1 items)
Steele Swamp (1 items)
Sugar Hill (1 items)
Surprise (1 items)
Weed Valley (1 items)

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Aeromagnetic Data of Alturas, California, and Surrounding Areas

Aeromagnetic survey data giving the calculated magnetic anomaly. Data are provided in CSV format.