Tiebel Creek

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Multi-element geochemical analyses of samples from the Mesoproterozoic Nonesuch Formation and Copper Harbor Conglomerate at the Copperwood copper deposit, Western Syncline, Michigan, USA

Geochemical analysis of drill core samples from this rock unit to facilitate geologic studies of sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits. Data are provided in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats.

Tables of electron probe microanalyses from the Copperwood sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposit, Michigan, USA

Electron microprobe analyses of ore minerals from this deposit in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Minerals include bornite, chalcocite, native copper, native silver, and pyrite, analyzed for Ag, As, Co, Cu, Fe, Hg, Ni, Pb, S, Sb, and Zn. Data are provided in CSV format.