1:250,000 Alaska quadrangle
Dillingham C-1 (1 items)
Dillingham C-2 (1 items)
Dillingham D-1 (1 items)
Dillingham D-2 (1 items)
Dillingham D-4 (1 items)

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Aeromagnetic survey of Dillingham Area in Southwest Alaska

Gridded survey data with summary map images.

Aqueous geochemical data from the analysis of stream-water samples collected in June and August 2008--Taylor Mountains 1:250,000- and Dillingham D-4 1:63,360-scale quadrangles, Alaska

Measurements on 92 samples, including pH, conductivity, water temperature, major cation and anion concentrations, and trace-element concentrations.

Preliminary geologic map of the northeast Dillingham quadrangle (D-1, D-2, C-1, and C-2), Alaska

Map, report, and geospatial data on the geology of the northeastern part of the 1:250,000 scale Dillingham quadrangle, Alaska. Includes Ar40/39 radiometric ages, geologic unit descriptions, and correlation of map units.

Preliminary integrated geologic map databases for the United States: Digital data for the reconnaissance bedrock geologic map for the northern Alaska peninsula area, southwest Alaska

Digital geologic map information with a consistent set of attributes, part of a national compilation of similar maps. Available in formats compatible with GIS.