Taylor Mts

1:250,000 Alaska quadrangle
Taylor Mts A-1 (2 items)
Taylor Mts A-2 (1 items)
Taylor Mts A-3 (2 items)
Taylor Mts A-4 (2 items)
Taylor Mts A-5 (1 items)
Taylor Mts A-6 (2 items)
Taylor Mts A-7 (2 items)
Taylor Mts A-8 (2 items)
Taylor Mts B-1 (2 items)
Taylor Mts B-2 (2 items)
Taylor Mts B-3 (1 items)
Taylor Mts B-4 (1 items)
Taylor Mts B-5 (2 items)
Taylor Mts B-6 (1 items)
Taylor Mts B-7 (1 items)
Taylor Mts B-8 (2 items)
Taylor Mts C-1 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-2 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-3 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-4 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-5 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-6 (1 items)
Taylor Mts C-7 (2 items)
Taylor Mts C-8 (2 items)
Taylor Mts D-1 (2 items)
Taylor Mts D-2 (2 items)
Taylor Mts D-3 (1 items)
Taylor Mts D-4 (1 items)
Taylor Mts D-5 (1 items)
Taylor Mts D-6 (1 items)
Taylor Mts D-7 (2 items)
Taylor Mts D-8 (2 items)

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Preliminary integrated geologic map databases for the United States: Digital data for the reconnaissance bedrock geologic map for the northern Alaska peninsula area, southwest Alaska

Digital geologic map information with a consistent set of attributes, part of a national compilation of similar maps. Available in formats compatible with GIS.

Aeromagnetic survey of Taylor Mountains area in southwest Alaska

Map and flight-line data, with documentation of the survey

Preliminary grid data and maps for an aeromagnetic survey of the Taylor Mountains quadrangle and a portion of the Bethel quadrangle, Alaska

Preliminary data (grids and images) and maps for a new aeromagnetic survey

Major- and trace-element concentrations in rock samples collected in 2006 from the Taylor mountains 1:250,000-scale quadrangle, Alaska

138 rock geochemistry samples collected during the 2006 field season were analyzed using the ICP-AES/MS42, ICP-AES10, fire assay, and cold vapor atomic absorption methods

Reconnaissance study of the Taylor Mountains pluton, southwestern Alaska

Major and trace element geochemistry for 10 rock samples whose locations are not specified, with data from Argon-Argon analysis supporting geochronological data.

Aqueous geochemical data from the analysis of stream-water samples collected in June and July 2006-Taylor Mountains 1:250,00-scale quadrangle, Alaska

Analyses of 72 water samples include pH, conductivity, water temperature, major cation and anion concentrations, trace-element concentrations, and dissolved organic-carbon concentrations.

Aqueous geochemical data from the analysis of stream-water samples collected in June and August 2008--Taylor Mountains 1:250,000- and Dillingham D-4 1:63,360-scale quadrangles, Alaska

Measurements on 92 samples, including pH, conductivity, water temperature, major cation and anion concentrations, and trace-element concentrations.

Mineralogical and Chemical Data for Heavy-Mineral Concentrate Samples Collected in the Taylor Mountains Quadrangle, Alaska, 2004-2008

Geochemical and mineralogical measurements of 819 samples of heavy mineral concentrates. Data are provided in CSV format.

U-Pb Isotopic Data and Ages of Zircon and Titanite from Rocks from the Western Alaska Range, Northern Aleutian Range, Taylor Mountains, and Tikchik Mountains Regions, Alaska

U-Pb isotopic data and ages of zircon and titanite from igneous and metamorphic rocks collected from this area. Data are provided in CSV format.