Tyonek C-5

1:63,360 Alaska quadrangle

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U-Pb Isotopic Data and Ages of Zircon and Titanite from Rocks from the Western Alaska Range, Northern Aleutian Range, Taylor Mountains, and Tikchik Mountains Regions, Alaska

U-Pb isotopic data and ages of zircon and titanite from igneous and metamorphic rocks collected from this area. Data are provided in CSV format.

U-Pb Ages, Hafnium Isotope Ratios, and Trace Element Concentrations by Laser-Ablation Split Stream (LASS) Analysis of Igneous Zircons from the Western Alaska Range

Geochronological analysis of radiogenic isotopes in rocks in this area to understand the history of formation of the rocks and may provide insight to mineral resource formation. Data are provided in CSV format.