Branch of geology dealing with surface land features and the processes that create and change them.
This category is also used for speleology.

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Characterization of Geologic Structures and Host Rock Properties Relevant to the Hydrogeology of the Standard Mine in Elk Basin, Gunnison County, Colorado

Geological and borehole geophysical data and observations collected to characterize the basin and its surface and groundwater flow systems with primary focus on the physical characteristics of the fault vein, related mine workings, and surrounding bedrock

Digital Data for the Geologic Map of the Central Beaverhead Mountains, Lemhi County, Idaho, and Beaverhead County, Montana

Detailed geologic units and structural features of this area. Data are provided in Esri file geodatabase and shapefile formats.

Lineament analysis of mineral areas of interest in Afghanistan

Lineaments derived from Thematic Mapper imagery using a manual process and those determined automatically, with GIS data.