The geologic processes involved in the formation, movement, changes, and effects of large ice masses (glaciers).

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Map showing extent of glaciation in the Eagle quadrangle, east-central Alaska

This map covers the Eagle 1:250,000-scale quadrangle in the northeastern part of the Yukon-Tanana Upland in Alaska. It shows the extent of five major glacial advances, former glacial lakes, and present fragmented terrace deposits related to the advances.

Reconnaissance geologic map of the Kuskokwim Bay region, southwest Alaska

A geologic map constructed primarily from reconnaissance studies from the 1950s to 1990s. The rocks of the map area range from Proterozoic age metamorphic rocks of the Kanektok metamorphic complex to Quaternary age mafic volcanic rocks of Nunivak Island.

Surficial geologic map of the Bettles quadrangle, Alaska

The Bettles quadrangle includes part of the southern Brooks Range and uplands and valleys of interior Alaska. This map depicts the surficial geology and glacial history, and includes description of map units and a correlation of map units.