Structure contours

Gridding and contouring lines drawn on geologic maps to depict boundaries of structural features.
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Airborne electromagnetic mapping of the base of aquifer in areas of western Nebraska

Gridded data used to revise base of aquifer, with supporting elevation data.

Dataset for mineral resource inventory of North Dakota

Compilation of previously published data on the distribution and character of mineral resources in this area. Data are provided in GeoTiff and shapefile formats.

Geologic and geophysical maps of the Death Valley ground-water model area, Nevada and California

Maps and geospatial data for (a) geology; (b) tectonics; (c) isostatic gravity anomaly; (d) aeromagnetic anomaly; (e) depth to pre-Cenozoic basement.

Geophysical investigation of Red Devil mine using direct-current resistivity and electromagnetic induction, Red Devil, Alaska, August 2010

This large producer of mercury operated from 1933 to 1971. As part of remediation work, this survey used electromagnetic methods to study subsurface resistivity.

Precambrian basement of the north Mid-Continent U.S.A.: a digital representation of the 1990 P.K. Sims map

Geologic units, structural features, drill hole locations, and structure contours

Summary of geophysical investigations of the Death Valley regional water-flow modeling project, Nevada and California

Magnetic and gravity anomaly and structure contour data

Summary of rock salt deposits in the United States as possible storage sites for radioactive waste materials

Geologic and physiographic description of major rock salt deposits in the US, compiled from the perspective of the potential use of these deposits for storage of radioactive waste.