Rocks and deposits in which the interstitial waters remain perennially frozen.

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Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic geophysical survey data of the Yukon Flats and Fort Wainwright areas, central Alaska, June 2010

Study to estimate the 3-D distribution of permafrost, to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods at mapping permafrost geometry, and to better define the physical properties of the subsurface in discontinuous permafrost areas.

Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey data and inverted resistivity models, western Yukon Flats, Alaska, February 2016

Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey data were collected during 2016 along 300 line kilometers in this area, flown at a nominal flight height of 30 m above terrain along widely spaced reconnaissance lines. Includes raw and processed AEM data, laterally-constrained inverted resistivity depth sections along all flight lines, and unprocessed and processed magnetic data. Data are provided in CSV format.