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Metal element with symbol Au and atomic number 79 <http://periodic.lanl.gov/79.shtml>
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1998 Assessment of undiscovered deposits of gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in the United States
Estimates of the tonnages and amounts of contained metal in undiscovered deposits, mineral deposit types.
Geochemical and stable isotopic data on barren and mineralized drill core in the Devonian Popovich Formation, Screamer sector of the Betze-Post gold deposit, northern Carlin trend, Nevada
Detailed chemical and isotopic analysis of host and associated rocks within an area that is currently the largest producer of gold in the US. Part of a study of the hydrothermal activity leading to the formation of these gold deposits.
Geologic map of the Weka Dur gold deposit, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, modified from the 1967 original map compilation of M.P. Guguev and others
Weka Dur is the largest gold occurrence in Afghanistan. Map reproduces the topology of original Soviet maps and cross sections. Original Russian terminology and rock classification translated into modern English geologic usage as literally as possible.
PDF Linking geology and health sciences to assess childhood lead poisoning from artisanal gold mining in Nigeria
Approximately 400 young children have died and thousands more are affected. This study clarifies lead sources and exposure pathways, identifies other toxicants of concern and people at risk, and examines potential for similar lead poisoning globally.
Quantitative mineral resource assessment of copper, molybdenum, gold, and silver in undiscovered porphyry copper deposits in the Andes Mountains of South America
Regional tracts of land where the geology is permissive for the occurrence of undiscovered porphyry copper deposits, with probabilistic estimates of undiscovered resources, along with tables of discovered deposits and prospects.
Sediment-hosted gold deposits of the world
Location and characteristics of 123 sediment-hosted gold deposits worldwide.
Sediment-hosted gold deposits of the world: database and grade and tonnage models
Location and characteristics of 123 sediment-hosted gold deposits worldwide. These deposits have disseminated micron-sized invisible gold in sedimentary rocks.
Element concentrations in surface soils of the Coconino Plateau, Grand Canyon region, Coconino County, Arizona
Geochemical analysis of 47 elements in more than 700 soil samples that appeared to be unaffected by mineralization or anthropogenic contamination.
Geology, geochemistry and geophysics of sedimentary rock-hosted Au deposits in P.R. China
Includes data on mineral deposit locations and geochemical analyses
GIS-based identification of areas with mineral resource potential for six selected deposit groups, Bureau of Land Management Central Yukon Planning Area, Alaska
For each deposit group, a map indicates relative density and certainty of favorable data. Tables list datasets used in analysis, parameters queried, their contribution to mineral estimates and allow further user analysis. GIS files enable spatial query.
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