Noble gas element with symbol He and atomic number 2 <http://periodic.lanl.gov/2.shtml>
This category is also used for He.
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Geochemistry of water samples in the US from the NURE-HSSR database

National-scale geochemical analysis of water samples in the US collected and analyzed under the National Uranium Resource Evaluation program.

GIS, supplemental data table, and references for focus areas of potential domestic resources of 13 critical minerals in the United States and Puerto Rico: antimony, barite, beryllium, chromium, fluorspar, hafnium, helium, magnesium, manganese, potash, uranium, vanadium, and zirconium

Broad areas within the United States to target acquisition of geologic mapping, geophysical data, geochemical analysis, or detailed topographic information to aid research, mineral exploration, and evaluation of critical mineral potential in these areas.

Mineral resource inventory of North Dakota

Summary of geology and mineral resources of the state, both current and potential. Includes data drawn from existing inventories of mines and prospects, mining related features, and abandoned mine lands.