Web map services

Internet services providing geospatial information that conform to formally defined specifications, for use in GIS and mapping software.
This category is also used for GIS services, OGC WCS, OGC WFS, and OGC WMS.

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Digital maps of hydrothermal alteration type, key mineral groups, and green vegetation of the western United States derived from automated analysis of ASTER satellite data

Mineral groups identified through automated analysis of remote sensing data acquired by the ASTER system were used to map the type and spatial distribution of hydrothermal alteration, other exposed mineral groups, and green vegetation.

GIS for focus areas of potential domestic resources of 11 critical minerals: aluminum, cobalt, graphite, lithium, niobium, platinum group elements, rare earth elements, tantalum, tin, titanium, and tungsten

Geographic areas identified to target acquisition of geologic mapping, geophysical data, geochemistry, or detailed topographic information to aid research, mineral exploration, and evaluation of critical mineral potential.

Large-area material maps of the conterminous United States

Maps of exposed surface mineral groups derived from automated spectral analysis of Landsat 7 ETM+ and Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) data.

Global distribution of selected mines, deposits, and districts of critical minerals

Approximate locations and short descriptions of mines, deposits, and districts where critical minerals are found. The critical minerals are discussed in USGS Professional Paper 1802 many of these locations are described in further detail in that report.

Major mineral deposits of the world

Regional locations and general geologic setting of known deposits of major nonfuel mineral commodities. Originally compiled in five parts by diverse authors, combined here for convenience despite likely inconsistencies among the regional reports.

Mineral Resource Data System

MRDS describes metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources throughout the world. Included are deposit name, location, commodity, deposit description, geologic characteristics, production, reserves, resources, and references.

National Geochemical Database: Sediment

Geochemical analysis of sediment samples from the National Geochemical Database. Primarily inorganic elemental concentrations, most samples are of stream sediment in the continental US and Alaska.