Core analysis

Study of the composition and layers of cylindrical samples of rocks, trees, ice, and other materials extracted by drilling into a mass. Intended for broad use for the analysis of all types of core samples. The combination of this term with other terms will convey the context of the activity.
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Chemistry of Selected Core Samples, Concentrate, Tailings, and Tailings Pond Waters: Pea Ridge Iron (-Lanthanide-Gold) Deposit, Washington County, Missouri

This report examines potential sources of lanthanide elements [rare earth elements (REE)] with the objective of providing up-to-date geologic information regarding mineral commodities likely to have increased demand in the near term.

Solid-phase data from cores at the proposed Dewey Burdock uranium in-situ recovery mine, near Edgemont, South Dakota

Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of uranium-bearing sandstone in order to help understand mineral deposits of this type.