Electromagnetic reflectance and emissivity

Effectiveness of an earth material in reflecting or emitting radiation, varying by wavelength. Measurements are made over the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum in a laboratory to compare with remotely-sensed data obtained by airborne or satellite imaging systems.
This category is also used for infrared reflectance, laboratory reflectance, laboratory spectra, spectral radiance, and spectral reflectance.
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USGS Spectral Library Version 7 Data

Spectra measured with laboratory, field, and airborne spectrometers. The instruments used cover wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the far infrared (0.2 to 200 microns). Laboratory samples of specific minerals, plants, chemical compounds, and man-made materials were measured. In many cases, samples were purified, so that unique spectral features of a material can be related to its chemical structure. Data are provided in text format as well as the SPECtrum Processing Routines (SPECPR) format.