Recognizable remains such as bones, shells, leaves, burrows, impressions, or tracks of past life on the earth.
This category is also used for index fossils and microfossils.

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Geologic map of the Christian quadrangle, Alaska

Geology of the Christian quadrangle in the Porcupine Plateau, southern Brooks Range, and Yukon Flats. Includes geologic map, fossil data, location of oil shale, and geospatial data sets.

Geologic map of the Cook Inlet region, Alaska, including parts of the Talkeetna, Talkeetna Mountains, Tyonek, Anchorage, Lake Clark, Kenai, Seward, Iliamna, Seldovia, Mount Katmai, and Afognak 1:250,000-scale quadrangles

The map updates a major geologic map of the Cook Inlet region published in 1976 incorporating new and additional mapping and interpretation. This map is also a revision of areas of overlap with the geologic map completed for central Alaska.

Geology of the Prince William Sound and Kenai Peninsula region, Alaska

The region includes a significant part of one of the world’s largest accretionary complexes and a small part of the classic magmatic arc geology of the Alaska Peninsula. The map was compiled from existing mapping augmented by available new or revised data

Reconnaissance geologic map of the Duncan Canal/Zarembo Island area, southeastern Alaska

Updated bedrock geologic mapping of the area incorporating a recent airborne geophysical survey, new field work, fossils, radiometric ages, and geochemical signatures. Includes GIS data.