Fracture (geologic)

Break in a geologic structure including cracks, joints, and faults.
This category is also used for cleavage (rock) and jointing (geologic).

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Characterization of Geologic Structures and Host Rock Properties Relevant to the Hydrogeology of the Standard Mine in Elk Basin, Gunnison County, Colorado

Geological and borehole geophysical data and observations collected to characterize the basin and its surface and groundwater flow systems with primary focus on the physical characteristics of the fault vein, related mine workings, and surrounding bedrock

Geologic map of metallic and nonmetallic mineral deposits, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, modified from the 1967 original map compilation of G.G. Semenov and others

Province contains Weka Dur, see companion report chapter B. Reproduces the topology of original Soviet maps and cross sections. Original Russian terminology and rock classification translated into modern English geologic usage as literally as possible.

Geologic map of the Ahankashan-Rakhna basin, Badghis, Ghor, and Herat Provinces, Afghanistan, modified from the 1974 original map compilation of Y.I. Shcherbina and others

Presents one of several gold and copper deposit prospect areas in west-central Afghanistan. Reproduced topology of original Soviet maps and cross sections. Original terminology and rock classification translated literally to modern English geologic usage.

Geologic map of the Bodie Hills, California and Nevada

Spatial geologic map with rock type, vents, arcs, landslides, etc. provided in an ESRI geodatabase and KMZ format for Google Earth viewing. Mapsheet with accompanying descriptive pamphlet is provided as a PDF. Petrographic rock summary is also included.

Geologic map of the Kechumstuk fault zone in the Mount Veta area, Fortymile mining district, east-central Alaska

This map depicts the fundamental geologic features for the western part of the Fortymile mining district and delineates the location of known bedrock mineral prospects and their relationship to rock types and structural features.

Precambrian basement geologic map of Montana--An interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies

Geologic map showing the structure and history of the basement rocks of Montana. Most of the state is covered by Phanerozoic bedrock units; the underlying basement structure must be inferred from magnetic anomaly data combined with geologic observations.

Airborne electromagnetic data and processing within Leach Lake Basin, Fort Irwin, California

Releases airborne survey data, resistivity cross-sections and depth slices derived from data inversion. Resulting resistivity models confirm geologic framework, constrain hydrostratigraphy and depth to basement, and reveal fault and fold distribution.

Geodynamics map of northeast Asia

This map portrays the geodynamics of Northeast Asia at a scale of 1:5,000,000 using the concepts of plate tectonics and analysis of terranes and overlap assemblages.

GIS coverages of the Castle Mountain fault, south central Alaska

The Castle Mountain fault is a major east-northeast striking fault in southern Alaska with historic seismicity and Holocene surface faulting. This data set is a compilation of fault segments from several publications.