Handheld field spectroscopy

Use of portable equipment to measure spectral reflectance of materials in the field.
This category is also used for hand-held field spectroscopy.

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Hyperspectral surveying for mineral resources in Alaska

Alaska is a major producer of base and precious metals and has a high potential for additional undiscovered mineral resources. However, discovery is hindered by Alaska’s vast size, remoteness, and rugged terrain. New methods are needed to overcome t

Multiscale hyperspectral imaging of the Orange Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit, Alaska, USA, with laboratory-, field-, and aircraft-based imaging spectrometers

High resolution mineralogical mapping from hyperspectral core imaging data allows us to illustrate the spatial distribution of key mineralogical vectors in and around a deposit. This knowledge aids in rapid assessment of exploration models and the development of precise resource domains.