Information system design and development

Use for the design and development of information systems. Do not use for general cases in which information systems are part of the activity.
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Digital map of major bedrock lithologic units for the Pacific Northwest: a contribution to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project

A compilation of spatial digital databases for selected U.S. Geological Survey nonfuel mineral resource assessments for parts of Idaho and Montana

Complete analytical data for Jurassic igneous rocks in the Bald Mountain mining district, Nevada

Petrographic and geochemical analyses of 50 outcrop samples and 58 drill core samples.

Concepts and procedures required for successful reduction of tensor magnetic gradiometer data obtained from an unexploded ordnance detection demonstration at Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona

Report discussing application of specialized instrumentation for detecting unexploded ordnance.

Geologic map of the Big Delta B-2 quadrangle, east-central Alaska

Geologic map of the Big Delta B-2 quadrangle, including U-Pb geochronology, correlation chart, and description of map units.

Geologic map of the Umiat quadrangle, Alaska

Geologic map of the Umiat quadrangle, compiled from previously published and unpublished sources. This map is part of a collection of digital maps of northern Alaska, that span the transition from the Brooks Range to the Arctic coastal plain.

History and evaluation of national-scale geochemical data sets for the United States

Overview explaining how and why six different geochemical data sets were produced, and why you might choose to use the data in any one of these instead of the others.

Preliminary Digital Geologic Map of the Appalachian Piedmont and Blue Ridge, South Carolina Segment