Mining hazards

Dangerous conditions which result from the extraction of naturally occurring mineral deposits. Includes tunnel collapses, fires, and explosions.

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Hydrogeochemical investigation of the Standard Mine vicinity, upper Elk Creek basin, Colorado

Ground- and surface-water samples were collected in order to characterize the local ground-water flow system, determine metal concentrations in local ground water, and understand factors controlling the discharge of metal-rich waters from the mine.

Phytostabilization in Polymetallic Tailings using Compost and Endophyte Additions

Hazard mitigation field experiment using the growth of native plants to stabilize mining wastes and potentially toxic elements in them (phytostabilization). Lab analysis of the materials for geochemistry and other pertinent characteristics of the soil and plants. Data are provided in CSV format.

Temporal Chemical Data for Sediment, Water, and Biological Samples from the Lava Cap Mine Superfund Site, Nevada County, California-2006-2008

This report is a compilation of water and sediment chemical data generated by the USGS study of indigenous, arsenic-sequestering microbial communities. A total of 9 synoptic sampling efforts conducted at specific sites are described.