Volcanic features

Features formed from those igneous rocks that have reached or nearly reached the Earth's surface before solidifying. [Adapted from Glossary of Geology, 4th ed.]
This category is also used for crater lakes and dykes (geologic).
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Aeromagnetic expression of buried basaltic volcanoes near Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Mathematical modeling and analysis of aeromagnetic anomaly data (gridded data provide in another report).

Bouguer gravity and magnetic susceptibility measurements at Iliamna Volcano, Alaska 2019

Gravity data collected in 2019 at 21 sites on and around Iliamna Volcano. Data are provided in CSV and GeoTiff formats.

Geological and geophysical data for a three-dimensional view—Inside the San Juan and Silverton Calderas, Southern Rocky Mountains Volcanic Field, Silverton, Colorado

<h1>Introduction</h1>The San Juan-Silverton caldera complex located near Silverton, Colorado, in the Southern Rocky Mountains volcanic field is an ideal natural laboratory for furthering the understanding of shallow-to-deep volcanic-related mineral system

Great Basin geoscience data base

A collection of geoscientific data for this area, provided in the mid-1990s using file formats in common use at that time, which are now obsolete. Much of the data is now available in formats more convenient to users of the 2020s at mrdata.usgs.gov.

High resolution, low altitude aeromagnetic and electromagnetic survey of Mount Rainier

Flight-line and gridded data, with description of methodology and interpretation

Mount Baker and Mount Adams Airborne Magnetic and Electromagnetic Survey Data, August 2002, Washington, USA

Flight line data for an airborne magnetic survey with nominal sensor height of 60m above terrain, flight-line data for a gravity gradiometry survey, with a report containing instrument and procedure details. Data are provided in CSV format.