A loose accumulation of rock fragments composed predominantly of more or less rounded pebbles and small stones

Results listed by similarity [list alphabetically]
Available sand and gravel resources in southern New Hampshire

Estimates thickness of sand and gravel resources available in this broad area using geology, topography, land cover, and ground-water level.

Data report for the geologic and scenic quality evaluation of selected sand and gravel sites on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming

Geographic extent of sand and gravel deposits in this area as GIS data.

Map of sand and gravel mines, prospects, and occurrences, and the geologic units that host them in the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) study area, southwestern Wyoming

Comparison of the locations reported for these mineral deposits with mapped geologic units likely to host them; information comes from three different source compilations.

Aggregate resource availability in the conterminous United States, including suggestions for addressing shortages, quality, and environmental concerns

Presentation materials discussing types of aggregate, the occurrence of good-quality aggregate, and pointing out where good-quality aggregate is limited. Societal and environmental issues that limit aggregate development are also discussed. Data are provided in PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint.