A carbonate sedimentary rock of which more than 50% by weight or by areal percentages under the microscope consists of the mineral dolomite.
This category is also used for dolomite and dolostone (dolomite).

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Geochemical data for the Elk Creek alkaline complex, southeast Nebraska

Analytical data from a suite of rock and mineral samples collected from drill core within the Elk Creek alkaline complex, which hosts the Elk Creek carbonatite, a multilithologic carbonatite enriched in niobium, rare earth elements (REEs), scandium, and titanium. Data are provide in CSV format.

Gravity and magnetic studies of the eastern Mojave Desert, California and Nevada

Report with generalized interpretation and Excel tables of gravity and physical property data including an explanations of their formats.

Whole Rock Density, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Radiometric Measurements of a Rare Earth Element Terrane, Southeastern Mojave Desert.

Rock property measurements including density, magnetic susceptibility, and radiometric concentrations to understand structural and geophysical relationships associated with rare earth element mineral deposits. Data are provided in CSV format.